I loved the Lambo in the basement thread. I have had this dream to hand make a copy of a 'prototype car' myself (MachIII, Fortynine, Panthera). Here is an older site where this guy hand fabricated a tribute Daytona coupe (only 6 built) I you read thru, this guy researched to make a perfect clone. Read thru: http://members.aol.com/coupechuck/chassis.htm


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hey Denis, is there supposed to be a link??

It's there.

Great read! I've talked to him in years past and he's invited me to their monthly(?) breakfast meeting on Saturday mornings with a bunch of other Cobra guys. I think those of us in NorCal need to join them sometime for a breakfast run; maybe even a garage tour.
Hey Garth, Have you seen the car in person (aluminium !) How many guys in this project? How close to the real thing? Any idea what the final cost might be? From the pics looks like a small garage.
I haven't seen it in person, yet. But a friend who's building an FFR Daytona Coupe has and said it's beautiful, and spot-on! The builder also owns a 66 427 Cobra and a 289 Cobra replica, and had access to a 'real' Daytona Coupe for reference when building his.

If you read through the entire build, he went to considerable expense and effort to reproduce the car in painstaking detail. Most of it was one man's labor of love, but I'm sure lots of interested Cobra friends lent a hand along the way. No idea on cost.
I seen two Daytona looking cars on an open trailer behind a pickup just the other day heading north on the 15 Fwy towards Vegas in the high desert.

I was thinking they might have been real, and heading to the Shelby outfit in Vegas.

Wish I would have been able to take a pictures but was going the wrong direction.
Originally posted by DeTom:
Mark, Shelby still sells Daytona coupes brand new. They run just under 100 grand.

Superformance coupes; one of the companies he sued but lost. He left the country to evade debtors for years then came back and sued those who made cobras. Funny as the AC wasn't his design anyway.

What is sad is Superformance brought on Peter Brock to design the Daytona coupe. Peter Brock said I don't do kit cars. They told him they would not do it without him. The convinced him to come take a look.

When they ran the original Daytona coupes, Peter Brock never really finished his design work. They couldn't wait, they put the car into racing. Superformance gave Peter Brock the funding and backing to continue his Daytona Coupe R&D to make it the car he wanted to make it; and he did. They gave him the keys to do what ever he wanted. What he built is in essance the finally of the Peter Brock Daytona coupe doing 200mph their first time out in street trim and A/C. They called it Peter Brock's Coupe.

After Shelby sued the company, he later teamed up with him and now they call it the Shelby Coupe. It was a reptable company till Shelby got involved.
Oh it did Gary. I know the story and it is sad. But still it doesn't keep me from wanting a Superperformance coup. Heck I would even take one of their GT-40s too. But that is rich man territory and I am never going to see it. Frowner
I agree Detom, Superformance are some of the best reproductions. Best in that things like trunk fit, bumpers, etc represent the original well and best in the overal design (Cobra). They are kick ass cars and probably the best engeneered cars of this nature. (Short of the Ford GT).

At least these are some of the few Shelby cars if you pay for you will actually get a car and not just a promise.
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