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My first car where unsprung weight has been prioritized above ease of changing pads applause

Does anybody have a scematic of how the handbrake/parking brake works (mine doesn't)?

Are they the same as any other higher volume car?

Are the brake pads for the parking brake supposed to be angled or are they just heavily worn?
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By the way, now that we're into the documentation. I need to be able to document the Longchamp's weight, without driver, fuel etc., to get it registered here in Denmark. Hopefully it's below 1500kg, because I have to pay tax every year based on the weight, and 1500kg is the limit.

Does anybody have anything that shows the net weight of the car?

My registration doesn´t say anything about the weight...

Pre-prototype promotional material gave the weight as 1450kg. Reports from the Turin show say 1500kg. Both of them are obviously pure fiction(they also claimed 0-100km/h at 5 seconds). I think the most quoted weight has been 1725kg, but I consider the most accurate (at least for a manual version) the Auto motor und sport report from 1978 the gave the weight as 1780kg with full tanks. Axle weights were 970 in front, 810 in rear. 100 litres of fuel is 70kg, so a half filled (more common reference) Longchamp should weight 1745kg.

Funnily enough Maserati Kyalami is commonly refered as being around 185kg (412lbs) lighter as Longchamp, but actually weighs 1726kg.
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Back to the handbrake problem. It's the cable that's frozen. It's one cable by the way, not 3 as in the drawing William was nice enough to get me.

So now I'm trying to massage the cable back to health, I can pull the cable back and forth if I use almost all my strength (no comments please Big Grin) and I've poured everything through it, oil, thin lock cylinder oil, WD40. Is that enough or should I get another cable? I assume they can't be bought, so I have to convince some local guy to create a copy.
Now, this should probably be it's own post, but I wanted to reply to the weight question. I checked my owners manual, and it list it at 1695kg. Then I thought I would check with the "experts" - Santiago is out of Italy and My Aunt is here in the states for the Haskell horse race. She stated that she thought it was around 1700, and said that she recalled that it was correct in the owner manual where it was listed in English as Curb weith, the misspelling seems to be what she remembers most.

So I would say 1695.

I bought a new cable from our local ex distributor who still has some parts here in Sydney this week. It was around AU$200. My cable was only working on one side and had seized on the other. I'm impressed that you have massaged the one you have into submission with lots of lube.

By the way I found out that the rear calipers are Jensen Interceptor as I've just had then rebuilt. The seperate hand brake pads should last for ever - unless you drive around with your hand brake on.
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