(Original Post from 2017, for the 50th Annual Tribute)

The Southern AZ Pantera Club had a great time, at the 50th Hank Arnold tribute. Hank Arnold was an old-school vintage racer, who built some really neat cars.

There were some really cool cars there.

They got the Hank Arnold “Twister” out on the track, and a couple of other vintage mobiles.

The group met Hank’s wife, Dianna Patrick (wife of an old-time drag racer), and we spent a lot of time with Jake Mendoza. He was a fun guy.

Jake built a number of the vintage dirt trackers that raced back in the day. He had a lot of stories to tell.

Here’s a couple of pix…. Unfortunately the racing shots didn’t come out.

PS> If you click on one of the picture links (below), it will take you to my Flickr Page, and there you can go through more photos...


Chuck with Jake Mendoza...

IMG_5363 (Large) by L. Huber, on Flickr

Hank Arnold's Racers...

IMG_7101 (Large) by L. Huber, on Flickr

IMG_7100 (Large) by L. Huber, on Flickr

IMG_7104 (Large) by L. Huber, on Flickr

Staging / Display Area... Cobra, GT-40, and a Bunch of Vintage Racers

IMG_5408 (Large) by L. Huber, on Flickr

Jake Mendoza's Work:

IMG_7123 (Large) by L. Huber, on Flickr

Oldest Woman Driver with a Current NASCAR License...

IMG_7132 (Large) by L. Huber, on Flickr

Victory Lane...

IMG_5368 (Large) by L. Huber, on Flickr
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Original Post
The Southern AZ Pantera's are going again...

This time we are getting on the track to mix it up!

OBTW: That's Hank Arnold in "The Twister", in case you didn't recognize him!


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We have 5 Panteras, and only 4 Cobras! Panteras are winning for a change!


Steve R
Jack M
Larry B (PHX)
Sean K

Looking forward to laps on the track! All Panthers invited!

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