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A pending move to Nevada, emissions testing there as well as the hassle of moving three cars along with a huge household of belongings has prompted me to put my two cats up for sale.

Oops, I didn't see the no links to Ebay rule and have removed them. See the for sale discussions on this board for car information.

This is by no means a "fire sale", if they don't bring my prices I will haul them off with me. If anyone has any questions, feel free to call me at 808-551-2426
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Questions from other members
Q: would you finance (would also pay interest)
Answered on Mar-09-09
A: Sorry, I don't finance but the car will appraise well if you finance it through normal channels

You should have said' sure, 100% down and nothing to pay for 12 months !!'
Seriously good luck with the sale, both nice cars
Well, POCA has moved the Funrally to Reno and I hate Reno (no offense Julian and others)

Dennis, no offence taken, heck if everyone liked it they'd all want to come here, build honkin great Casino's, develop a sex and sin culture ...... it'd be just like Vegas and then I'd hate it!

Seriously, I don't think you've spent enough quality time in Northern NV and the ease of access from Hawaii appears to be swaying you. No mater where you go I'd say rent initially and spend some time exploring possibilities, neighborhoods etc. I've moved around enough to know that visiting somewhere and then moving there to set up home provides two very different perceptions of a place.

Also bear in mind that the Fun Rally switch is only committed to 2009, that does not mean it may not switch back or alternate between Reno & Vegas.
The things that have influenced my choosing Las Vegas is that my Hawaii family and friends are constantly there. I also have a group of family in Tucson who also regularly come to Vegas. Third thing is that I have a lot of friends who already live in Vegas. As I said, no offense or disrespect meant towards Reno but I've been there several times for extended trips and I just prefer Vegas.
Originally posted by 7260:
Hey guys,lighten up, no need to bash where others live especially amongst friends and on a public forum. Both cities have ther plus and minus. As i have stated in the past, southern NV and northern NV are on my radar to avoid the HIGH TAXES OF CALIFORNIA. Chuck

Chuck, I don't know how you guys survive there with all those taxes. Hawaii is becoming a mini version of California. Tourism is down to record lows and the State and City are taxing the hell out of everyone while cutting back salaries and benefits. Like California, Hawaii is in the middle of a mass exodus of its citizens. Its a catch 22 situation, the more they tax, the more people leave = less tax revenue = more tax! I could afford to stay in Hawaii but can live a better financial life on the mainland. Paradise has its price and its getting higher every year!
Dennis, you hit the nail right on the head and earned an A in math. The ecomomic situation in California is the worst in the nation. Productive taxpayers are leaving California and are being replaced at a higher rate with people who recieve taxpayer dollars.It's only a matter of time when this once great state, or the nation for that matter goes bankrupt if we stay on the same course. Chuck
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