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Hi Phil,

just had a look and mine has 13psi on the rad, and a non pressurised cap on the expansion tank. I think it was the other way around when I got the car. Looking at the cap it could be original from 1975. Cooling has never been the car's strong point - it now has original header tanks but recored rad, but I put in a flexblade fan on the water pump plus 2 electric pushers thermo controlled and its passable, but that meant I had to take out the A/C rad to fit the fans. Not a car to drive in traffic in an Aussie summer.

Hi Peter,

Yes, I think you'll find the caps should be the other way around.

The 13psi on the header tank.

My engine boiled over at the weekend big time.

Until my new engined complete and dynoed I've got to keep this baby running as I really don't want the car off the road.

I've a spare brand new uprated water pump to hand which I intend fitting together with a god flushing of the rad. I think I'll replace the thermostat just in case that's had it's day.

I received my final dual serpentine bely pulley from March Engineering last week so the new lump will have a complete serpentine belt system.

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