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Wilkinson has full stainless GTS headers and tailpipes.  They have a ball union where the headers meet the tailpipes making alignment of the cans and chrome tips (actually polished stainless) at the back of the car painless.  He has them for both Pre-L and L cars.  You have to sand or grind the driver side motor mount a bit and move the gas tank shroud towards the tank a bit as well for clearance of the header on the driver side.  I have installed them on two of my Panteras.

They sound great.


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I have a set of Hall Headers and Mufflers.  I changed to PI Headers and Quella stainless exhaust, so I don't have a need for these anymore.

I did wrap them with heat shields but never ran them on the car like that.  I think the mufflers can be cleaned up.

Not sure if these are the same style as GTS headers but I'm sure someone here can chime in.


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I have been using GTS style headers from Dennis Quella, Pantera performance center in Castle rock Colorado for the last 50,000 miles. As David wrote, they are a tri-Y style header and I’ve had zero issues with them.

Dennis also offers a stainless muffler set, but anything you can see through is going to be a bit too loud for my personal tastes.


@jjones posted:

I was told PIM that the GTS exhaust would not fit '72-'74 but didn't ask for specifics.  Is that true?

They surely know that isn’t true. Not sure why they’d say that. No Pantera headers are 100% assured to fit out of the box. The usual issue is interference with the fuel tank shield. If it has ever been removed, it might not have been re-installed as close to the tank as it was originally. Usually, some heating and “persuasion” of the header is involved. I’d call Dennis or Adam Quella and see what they have.

Also, as Larry mentioned, any mufflers with a straight through design will be louder than baffled or chambered mufflers, however, they seem to be free from the dreaded drone.

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