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Just a question for the forum.

After struggling mightily to reinstall the assembled lever arm face plate assembly back into the fibreglass console with the cables attached a few times , is there a better way of doing it ? Should you install the face plate assembly bare and then reattach the cables afterwards ? Is there a secret to this?

Also if you want to replace the face plate is it possible to pull the pivot pin out to remove the levers to replace the face plate? I don't recall the pivot pin being removable ?

I had to grind off the pin that goes through the levers, paint and reassemble with a bolt of similar size.

The control box shape was distorted by (I believe) the press they used on the pin end.

If you're having the car reupholstered don't have them use padding on the side where the heater and AC control are on, what a bear.

im going to leave the control in the consel and try and hook up the cable ends to the heater/evap.



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Pioneer DMH-WC5700NEX its a remote screen with a single din radion connected via a data cable. the screen is mounted with a single ball mount.

The switches were masked and painted with black trim paint. The heater control was disassembled and painted, I used white fill-in paint for the letters.

Gauges are Stewart Warner from Summit.

New dimmer from Wilkinson

new switches with script from PIM

new window switches from Mike Mayberry.

USB on the left from Pantera Electronics (also their fuse block and LED gauge and courtesy lights)

USB on the right links to the radio and has a fast charger for USBc cables.

the knob below the radio is a master volume and base control

The car has JL VXi amps and W7 component speakers with a 10" TW3 Sub in the front.


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