I need to replace the inner tie rod ends on 1244. As per Steve's recomendation I picked-up a set of Aurora rod ends. Easy to order, good price. Now I was looking at 1114 on the weekend. It has booties on the rod ends. I found product on the internet 'Seals-it by Robodal'. Now no one has it in stock locally. What is the concensus on these 'yay' or 'nay'. Longterm does it help or just capture the dirt inside?

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Denis, are you talking about these things? They look pretty useless to me, being partially open (them not me). Why would you need them? Are you planning on driving in the rain? Oh, that's right you did say you were coming to Kingston. Big Grin


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Jay/Denis, thanks for your ideas. I can't find any images of boots on the FK website - may be operator error? Are images of their boots available anywhere?

After searching a bit more, what looks like another option appeared on the Baker Precision website (go to 'Bearings', then to 'Bearing Accessories', scroll to bottom). I'll order a few of the medium and large sizes, see what these are, and determine if they would be useful for the Goose. They look similar similar to OEM (or at least to the boot remnants found on #1010); will advise! Regards to all, Nate Stevens
I have boots from both Baker and Seal-it. The Baker boots are better quality. However, I am trying the boots from Seal-it because they are so much cheaper. I can replace all 18 boots for about $ 100 from Seal-it - Whereas the Baker boots are over $ 350.00 for the 18.

Note - The Seal-it web site prices are for a package of 6 and after receiving the first package I decided to go up one size high than they recommend. For example I ordered RERS 5 for the 22MM rear Unibal joints. We will see how they hold up.
You can still get original booties from RBC Bearing co too. They just don't advertise them.

I replaced all of mine 6 years ago or so, and noticed that one of the large lower inner a-arm boots was crap already! Grease hardens the rubber. Originals that are hard CAN cut you if you are not careful!!! Beware!!!

These just work to keep grease in, and dirt and water out. They DO make it a PITA to grease the Unibal joints!

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