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ProvaMo has a very intersting narrative and nice pics

I don't "think" the above link will allow viewing without becoming member

(I'm not sure on copyright for coping and pasting)

here is a condense narritive

"Originally registered in Italy as a '73 GTS then sold to a French citizen in 1985. I'm the third owner.
- This European Pantera was converted to widebody GT-5 exterior and interior specs by the deTomaso factory. Original USA 71-74 Panteras had narrow, unflared bodies. ------

-----car was owned for some time by Ray Santiago, who imported it into the USA from Germany.....TRANSCAR Shipping for the long voyage to the states. ...exempt from all DOT, EPA, customs, etc., requirements because of her over 25 years age. I'll pick her up at a port in New Jersey arrive around 18 July 2000."


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