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I had to leave my bike at swissport shipping at YVR, customs impounded it to check for "mad cow" because it came from England, long story short, I'm back in OC, CA , and need about a hour assistance from a non employee of swissport, to request inspection from customs, all the paper work is there. I'd be more than happy to pay for your time.
Cheers Mark 6808
949-795-1991 or
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Sorry I can't help you out, but I'm intrigued to know how a 'bike' can catch mad cow disease?

What are the symptons does it start wandering all over the road or something?

You mean I'm going to have to give up 'bikes' as well as beef now!

We Canadians are fussy about importation of things that may have been on a farm in a country that has known farm disease issues that could result in a shut-down of our beef exports to our largest customer.

It's not just us either. Try to bring an orange in your car across the border into the US.

I wish I could help Mark, but I'm 2000 miles east.

Spot on Mark, either that or they were having fun messing up my vacation! Mad

Two bikes arrived from Manchester Friday night, one owned by a English couple starting their vacation, the other owned by a American finishing his vacation. For some reason customs made a "mistake" and let the English couple through without a inspection, but they discovered the error of their way and impounded mine pending inspection! Mad Needless to say, I pleaded my case, but it fell on deaf ears, I fly back out tomorrow morning, to try and straighten this mess out.

Cheers Mark 6808
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