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The main vendors for the things you're looking for are (in no particular order):
  • PI Motorsports (supports this message board)
  • Panteras by Wilkinson
  • Precision ProFormance
  • Hall Pantera
  • Pantera Performance Center (Dennis Quella in Colorado)
  • Pantera Parts Connection (Larry Stock in Reno, NV)
  • Pantera East
  • AmeriSport
  • Jackel + Partner, GmbH (Hamburg, Germany)
  • Graham Pantera

Their contact information can be found on my "links" page:
You'll find that some parts are best bought from certain vendors and for the best answers, you'll need to be more specific about what you're aiming for(all-stock restoration vs. modified/improved). Some vendors have great re-engineered improved parts, others have factory-original parts and some have crap. A few have all three.

Calgary, right?
You'll also find that there are some generic 'off the shelf' interchange pieces that will do the job just as well, that is unless total originality is a concern.

As Mark says with a better idea of you needs people here can make a recommendation and probably even provide part #'s in many cases.
Hoping to keep car basically stock, doing complete paint job so want to replace all glass and body gaskets and door rubbers door trunk window whiskers..etc....

New carpet
Engine carpet/felt tray
New headers/ original looking mufflers
New tires front and rear
Ghia emblems
Wheel center emblems
Aftermarket steering wheel
Shifter gate

Looking for quality stuff

Located in the land of living skies!!!!
Thanks for your help
Wow, you must have the only Pantera in Saskatchewan! Is your car a red '73 pre-L?

I suggest Wilkinson for the emblems, gate and rubber/whiskers etc. He has a good stock of factory-original parts.

The exhaust(and carpet etc.) can be acquired there or PE, PI or Hall depending on what you want size-wise. Tires may be available in Canada, depending on what you want. The steering wheel should be based on your style preference because the originals are unobtanium (and ugly as sin). Each vendor may have different options there.

Let me know if I can help more.
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