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I'm in Chandler.
4714 was a bone stock 30000 mile car when I got it, even had the original front tires (scary).
My modifications were only to correct some potential problems... big radiator, sucker fans, heater hose shutoffs, etc. My dear friend who bought her did quite a bit (suspension, engine, seats, etc.) but loosely retained the original theme and it was fantastic.

The next one I would want exactly the same or entirely different... an oxymoron for sure but Panteras are great whether stock or wild.

Of course first I'd go after the usual suspects... cooling, safety wire the ZF, gas tank check valve, heater.
Go through the tech archives in this forum and you'll find the solution to most any question you might have about modifications. There are some very talented people in this forum and they have seen it all, better yet... they share.


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