I am looking for a high quality Pantera to purchase. I prefer the Group IV style cars but will look at exceptional cars that arent Group IV style. Want the car to be show quality, polished trans, suspension etc...
Please email me with what you have or know about.
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Here you go.... Welcome to the board, a lot of nice cars for sale

I love this one




Clean GTS


Nice $$$




GT5 S - one off


To Late - SOLD


Future bad ass Pantera - Make your own


You like green ?


For the right amount,,,,,,,you can get the fastest-most bad ass 427 Pantera around... Big Grin


Ha, I flew to PA a little over a year ago to look at the blue/white GT5S when it was selling from the owner, but then came back to CA and bought the black Ultra Hall. I just couldn't live with the blue/white stripe viper paint job in the long run, and I was looking for an aluminum engine car too. However, the build on that car was real nice & had a reasonable kick to it as well. But if you can live with the paint scheme, that one is a nice car to consider for "high end"...go take a look see on that one.

As for the other link above, Randy's black Group 4 is now over seas...another nice car gone from the US.
ShotgunGrooms- Thanks for your response. I have looked at the Red Group IV you listed first and in person it has some issues and is not quite the quality I am looking for. The second car is exactly what I am looking for but it is sold.

I agree with Does200 I cant live with the blue/white viper looking paint but nice car.

Thanks for info guys. If someone sees or hears of one come available please let me know.
The silver 5S was a stunning car, (I hate to feed George's ego) but for some reason in that color it really popped.

If a 5S is what you are loking for then consider this, it is reputed to ba a very fine example and they don't come up for sale too often.

Originally posted by EvodIndustries:
DeTom- Cool car but I am looking for a street car to drive on weekends. I do think that car would make a good collector.

EvodInd, maybe consider that red group 4 before it is gone. It may not be 100%, but if you repainted it $20 - $30K for a fair job, then added about $8 - $10K for an interior upgrade, I think you would have a nice car. I was going to do that and use it as a daily driver, but da wife gave me the look of death. If you want a group 4 that meets everything you want, you will probably have a long wait since they don't come along that often.
I would have to agree with DOES 200. The Group 4 cars are difficult to find in any condition -- and to find one that is exactly the way you want it will be difficult at best. Not at all impossible, but the wait may be painful. Purchasing for a reasonable amount and then getting it painted and having an interior installed would not be the end of the world.

I am sure there are those on this forum that can steer you in the direction of someone who can be trusted as far as doing the work, if you are not able to do it yourself. Then again, the search is half the fun.......
The blue/white 5S isn't bad either for those into 5S cars...just repaint it if you don't like stripes. The interior could have been done a little better in some spots from what I recall, but I am picky. I recall seeing receipts for over $160K into the car. I posted some more photos of it on my photo webpage. Check out the engine shot, top right of the engine bay, he had a hook up for the battery in that spot where the red plastic cover is and battery was under the right wheelwell. I thought that was real cool.
I agree that finding just the car I want will be hard. I have/am considering just having one built but I am trying to avoid that. I just finished a 3 year project and dont know if I am ready for another.
I have other cars and am picking up a new twin turbo Viper in a few weeks so I am not really in a hurry. Guess I will keep my eyes open for a while and see if something close pops up. If not guess I look into building again. Anyone here dealt with having a car built at PIM? Any recommendations on Pantera specialized shops?
Panteras by Wilkinson is doing my 1974 and transforming it to a Group 4 with a Ford GT motor with the Ricardo 6 speed that is also in the Ford GT. Many changes and structural modifications have been done to this car -- it will be a driver and not a track event car. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of the quality, as this is what Steve is known for -- but the time it takes is another thing as he is a very small shop. Two years into the project and the GT motor is still not fired up in the engine bay -- so bodywork and paint is still not on the horizon. I am not worried about the time thing, but if you are; then I would go somewhere else.

I have not dealt with any of the other Pantera specialists so I do not know one way or the other how they are for completing on any sort of timetable or quality of their work.
EvodIndustries, I had another idea. If you are serious about finding a very nice Group 4 car; I would talk to as many of the Pantera specialists as you would like to and ask them if they know of any cars that will be coming up for sale that would fit your requirements. This may be a good way to get what you want before it is advertised. Now here is the rub, you will have to inspect the car before any deal is made; and know exactly what you want so you get what you want. The other option is to have someone that you trust inspect the car to make sure it is what someone says it is.

As for myself, I would trust Mr. Wilkinson for a truthful, honest assessment of a Pantera or Mangusta. I cannot say one way or another about the other vendors as I have no dealings whatsoever with them. So I am sure that there are others who can be trusted -- I am just giving you what I have found with Steve.

Best of luck finding something really cool when it comes to DeTomaso. These cars are extremely undervalued -- so a purchase of one of these beauties is great value, IMHO. By the way, what year is the Viper that you are having the TT installed? What color is the car? I just love the new green color the 2008's. Reminds me of the early '70s colors like Moulin Rouge, Curious Yellow, and Sassy Grass Green. Very Mopar and very cool.
Thanks for the compliments. Car is very nice. Was a 3 year bare metal build with full documentation. It has a stroked 351Cleveland put out 600hp. When i took these pictures I forgot to take engine bay shots. I will get that done this weekend. Also will take some of suspension. Everything on suspension is chromed front and rear. Has wilwood brakes with 6 piston calipers. Everything is brand new. Has less then 400 miles since built.
Interior has carbon fiber dash and console plus some nice leather and carbon door panels. Seats are leather (was told from Guara?)
Paint is Mercedes silver.

Does200- The pipes have some clearance so the heat has not bothered the paint yet. It is not as close as it looks in that pic. I will try to find one from another angle so you can see. Car only has about 400 miles total on it and that includes me putting a 100+ in the last week with no issues and I ran it a long time yesterday driving hard so the pipes were as hot as they will get.
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