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Hi all fellow Pantera owners. :-)

I wanted to create a common thread for all who has or are going to install Holley Sniper EFI. Thinking we can help each other and share experiences.

I'm going to install Sniper next week in my Pantera from 1974, at least that's the plan. My car - when I bought it - had a Holley racing modified carburetor, which constantly challenging me while driving. Often it would stall and be difficult to re-start. So now going for trying the Sniper when I anyway had to change the carb. Got all the equipement, so next up is to get starting to install.

But though I would connect with as many of the fellow Pantera owners having already done the conversion already also so this thread could be used for future with others wanting to go in the same direction.

I hope you hear from many of you :-)

Ps, a few things that would be interesting to hear about first is:

- Where did you place the O2 sensor? (I can see on mine, it's going to be very tricky, there's not really room many places if the installation info should be followed)

- Did you go for a in-tank og external fuel pump solution?  and if the latter, where did you place it?

- Did you feed the Sniper directly from the battery (according to the guidance) or did you find another place to to it and did it work fine?

- Did you replace the original temp sensor with the new one (Sniper kit) or locate it somewhere else?

- Did you go with coil, CD box or?

- Does it work well for you or many problems?

- other good questions/informations.

I hope you hear from you and pictures/videos are always VERY welcome. :-)

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Sniper was installed during the rebuild.   I am in the dark about the installation details.   During the couple months I drove for a "shake down", either my driving skills are extremely poor or the initial setup needs some trwicking.   the car is  currenly back in shop to correct a few other problems and improving drivablity is one of the items.

the big drivablity is touchy throttle response from a stop, while feathering the clutch pulling away.  (over reving)

so when I get car back and take over maintaining, I have feeling I'll be asking a lot of questions.

I do know, the temperture sensor is the snipers in the front of the block.   Very nice having an accurate coolant temp on the display.   My dash guage sensor was installed in the water pump inlet (displays about 20F lower)

Hi jfb05177,

Great to meet you and hear your experiences. :-)

also thx on the info of the temp sensor.

when will you get your back in your garage again, you think?

I’ll update on my progress on the install very soon, still waiting some spare parts and also still creating the “master plan” for the install in my head.

I hope we’ll hear from several more. :-)



I hope you are installing the Holley Sniper2, and not the original one.  The original one had a lot of issues, even admitted by Holley engineers.  Sniper2 works magic.  I just had mine installed and finished.  It has been great thus far, and hasn't even been tuned yet.  Goes in on Monday for that.

I had the same throttle issue instantly.  Garret, the metal fabricator guru I have referred to a lot in past posts, welded an extension to the throttle arm and it fixed the issue instantly.  Now car revs up smoothly.  Prior to the fix, it was difficult not to start accelerating fast.  Basically I couldn't drive slow in a parking lot.  It just jerked forward and sped up.  Couldn't ease the throttle; now I can.

Any and every question you would have can be answered by my mechanic, Scott, who did the installation.  He has done several of these installations and pretty much did it with his eyes closed.  PM me and I will give you his contact number.

Also, I bought a tachometer adapter from Jon Haas at Pantera Electronics, which you will need to get your original mechanical tach to work with the Holley Sniper.


Hi Fuzz,

Thanks alot for your message, really appreciate your help and willingness to help, I'll for sure take oppertunity of that, when possible. :-)

It's the pre-2 version of the Holley Sniper. I bought it just a few months short of 2 years ago, and at that time I wasn't aware the was or would come a version 2. I didn't get around to install it before now. But now I see no other option than to go with the one I got, the version 2 is expensive like the 1 version also was, so can't afford just to buy the new one and throw the "old" one un-used away.

So'll have to cross my fingers and hope it will work okey for me. I hope the best. :-)




Have you tried calling Holley to see if it's possible to exchange or update your Sniper to Sniper 2 spec.? The main difference between the two is the throttle body. They do have an upgrade kit available (Part # 550-511-3AX - $1,099) but since your throttle body has never been used, they might do better. It's worth a telephone call.

@davidnunn, yeah, I think if I lived in USA, that could have been worth a try. Unfortunately I live in Europe (Denmark), so even if Holley is helpful, I would be looking at a very expensive exchange. You know, shipping back and forth and even worse, let's assume I got it at half price, eg 500-600$, the taxes and customers into Denmark are extreme, it would be multiples with x1,4. And I think the shipping costs would easily be 150$ at least. So though I would love to get the Snipper v2, I think it's going to be impossible. Unless you believe they would do the swap for eg 100-200§, but personally doubt that.

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