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It's magic... Don't worry Mark. It's easy and pull and push principle. Works quite good.
Have to measure the high. Btw.. It is the deck lid I'm talking about Wink
The Rear Deck Lid fitment/gap looks Extremely GOOD!

I see you utilized quick release deck lid pins.

I really LIKE the bumper delete look!!!

Does Germany have MOT inspection?

Is there some type of spoiler mounted to the rear deck lid?

Also did you delete the rear deck lid key?...Mark

Yes, we have MOT/Inspection in Germany (its called TÜV and more or less similar)and we have to shown our cars/motorcycles every 2 years. For me a Wing like 'countach & co' wasn't an option and the spoiler version of the old GT4 doesn't matches to the look, so I created my own rear lid to fill the gap in a nice and propper way.

Currently the carhasnt any manual key lock because I'm working on a invisible central look (thanks to my body shop who made a lousy job)

There are some things to do and it takes time but for me it is a positive challenge.
Hello Marc; Does TUV require a rear bumper?.

Although I am confused in the second picture of your DeTomaso Pantera by the location of the fluid cooler located directly below the pathway of HOT exhaust gases & pressed up against the rear valance body panel seemingly not allowing a flow of air "Through & over/past the cooling fins"...Mark
Hi Mark,

Bumpers are not relevant for TÜV if you are driving cars like ours. Differnt story
for latest cars ;-)

The photo didn't show the complete package. My body who ist working on Panteras for almost 20 years has desigend a diffuser which matches to the oilcooler and also seperate the airflow from the hot engine. Due to the 180° turning headers (which are cramic coated) we elimnated another source of hot air.
He is using this one on his two racing panteras with success. I'll be at Spa in Mai for the 6hours classic race and on the way (180 mls each way) there is enough time to check it. The engine has 100 mls on the speedo (after rebuild) so I have to treat it careful.

Still on my whish list are some rear diffuser for covering the Original Exhaust area and some floor mats as well (my wife wants it so I got a clear mesage). But first... enjoying the car together with my wife

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