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OK, flame suit on.....

Caught a fairly new episode of this show on Motortrend TV the other night.  The boys had assembled a pretty stout 351C build that dyno'd out 600+ HP and 500+ft-lbs of torque forever....  Looked like a real tire melter sort of build!

The pistons appeared to be very dished...... Aftermarket alloy heads I believe....not sure of intake.....  Two bolt main block. Some good H-beam rods.

Roller cam of unknown origin/specs......lots of duration! (BIG profiles)

They were very realistic with RPM limit and the HP and torque numbers were very impressive for a fairly low tech build!  (Other than the heads!)

Anyone else catch this and more details?  Did this engine get doc'd or featured on Engine Masters?


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Yup, that was the one!

Scrounged more info......

406 Stroker

TrickFlow Heads TFS-SBF-?Y

TrickFlow Single plane intake

Eagle Rods  CRS-6000-BS

Springs-#9385  Ed Iskandarian

Roller Lifters- CompCams

End result was:    658HP @7400        551ft-lbs torque @ 5400rpms.

While the heads were going on, they checked for valve clearance and had tons.......could go with a larger cam....  BUT, I have to ask, if they have over headed this, and under cammed it...... how would this combo work with a std set of 351-4V heads, or even a set of Aussie 2V heads? Port flow could give better idea. Knowing cam specs would definitely help!   Might need to pull timing back a bit to compensate for trapped heat in the cast iron.....for day to day driving?


Huh...... I guess I missed it twice! Good catch!  Hafta go back and give it another listen.  I was thinking that they used solids on a hydraulic cam, but that is probably another episode.....

Not sure of the TrickFlow valve sizes, but if they are even 2V sized, that's still alotta surface area, and I would think that a cam more like .600ish lift would still give some big performance up to 6500 and more longevity.  Maybe some behives to lighten the load also!  Nothing like cubic dollars!

Need to hit Brule up and see if he has dyno charts!!


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