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This was written for the old "Eve Community" forum platform, I am not sure whether or not it applies to the new HOOP.LA forum platform.

When you are creating a new post, or editing an existing post, the “message” field has a tool bar along the top.

To embed a video in your post, click the filmstrip icon in the tool bar (first icon in from the far right).

This will drop a pair of “flash video” HTML tags in the field wherever the cursor is placed. The tags look like this:


Copy the embed code for your video and paste it between the two HTML tags. Its that simple.

.[FLASH_VIDEO] paste the embed code here [/FLASH_VIDEO].

NOTE: Prior to 12/02/14 embedding You Tube videos required (past tense) an extra step using an embed code generator, but as of 12/02/14 that extra step is no longer necessary. Social Strata has responded within 24 hours to my inquiry and has revised the Eve Community software to be compatible with the "iframe" embed code format used by You Tube. You Tube videos can now be embedded directly without taking that extra step.

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In the case of a You Tube video, observe below the video, in the lower left, are 3 choices:

(1) add to (2) share (3) ... more.

Selecting "share" will give you 3 additional choices:

(1) share (2) embed (3) email

Selecting "embed" will cause the "embed code" to appear in the nearby field. It looks like this:

.<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0"allowfullscreen>.

Copy that code and paste it between the HTML tags in your post.

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