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Good Afternoon,

I have all the parts to replace the rear wheel bearings while doing the Wilwood brake conversion.  The original bearings are tight and probably don't need replacing but while I'm in there I may as well do it.

I've searched the forum but haven't found much on how to press these out.  The inner and outer bearing IDs are the same or within a couple of thousandths, so I'm not seeing how to access the first bearing.  I'm using a 20-ton press, but I see someone took theirs to a Porsche dealer and used 100T press. Is a 20-ton enough?

The front bearing races were easy to remove since you can get to one side at a time. Not sure how to access the rear sealed bearings with the press.

Any ideas?




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I used a couple pieces of 1/8 x 1" flat stock that were a little larger than the axle width. I had a piece of round stock just a little smaller than the width of the axle. In the press I slipped the flat bar through the top bearing and placed it on the bottom bearing. Then I used the round stock to go through the upper bearing and pushed the lower bearing out that way. Didn't take much pressure. I have an old 12 ton press that looks bad but works.

@transsami posted:

Just did that yesterday.

I didn't need a press after the axle is pushed out. Fitment of the outer race to upright is not super tight. Just pushed the spacer aside and used a chisel and a hammer to tap them out.


The bearings are designed to be a press fit in the upright, so it's possible your uprights are worn or a bearing spun in them previously, it's not that uncommon.

I was able to push the bearings out fairly easy.  Glad I asked for advice here first.

The old bearings had Japan stamped on them so I'm thinking this car had bearings replaced in the past.  This may explain why the axle nuts were buggered up really bad.  Looks like someone when at it without the nut removal tool.

The new bearings from Wilkinson have Korea stamped on them.



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