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Hi Simon,

I had to replace the sucker fans which were not functioning properly anymore. I have a big fluidine lay forward radiator. The fans are mounted on a frame and getting them out between the radiator and the cover shaft was a real pita. Having the shaft out of the way would make the job of remounting my fans or the frame rather, a lot easier. I cant move my radiator forward since I have the condensor in front of the radiator and there is no slack for the coolant tubes.

When looking at it, I almost concluded the guys at DeTomaso started with the cover shaft and built the car around it.

Must be possible to take it out without using a saw.....but I guess it is not going to be an easy task and probably not worth the effort. Or am I wrong?


Yes, the body was assembled around the headlight bar and there is zero manner to remove it in one piece unless you want to take a chopsaw to both of your front fenders

before removing the hood, you should consider this trick that I was taught many years ago by an old timer.

drill two small holes through each body hinge  into the body steel. I drill 1/8 inch holes, which are a perfect fit for 1/8 inch aluminum shank rivets

when you go to replace the hood, have two helpers position the hood and hinges, then install four rivets in your four holes, tighten things up and you will return to your original alignment

Honestly, Simon’s advice to remove the deflector, and if necessary the hood, will provide more than enough access to that radiator and fan assembly


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