I have got an original pantera book with a lot of the bulletins that came out back at that time. thi9s is not a copy or reproduction copy. I've had it for approx. 42 years and I feel like someone that would like to have some original info on your cars . if you are interested you can call me at 386-586-7676. this is a rare original book that would be a prize in any ones real pantera collection. I know it is rare but I feel that this book would just be a prize to have in your collection if you want true original info to add to your car. call and I can tell you what I have. I know that it is to rare of a book to just throw away.

mike purser



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Did you happen to read the heading for this forum?

"Advertisers are asked to please include pictures, pricing and contact info." How about a picture or a price?

The document you advertise sounds like Ford's technical service bulletins but without a picture we can't be sure. The Technical Service Bulletins have been readily available from a few sources for a long time. We have an original copy on file. We have sold copies in the past … for decades.

If this "book" is not the technical service bulletins, maybe you'd like to donate that book to Pantera International … the non-profit club that makes your FREE post possible? If it provides new information we shall reproduce it for the benefit of all current and future owners.

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