Wow. Today the sale of my 1971 Pantera vintage racecar was sold to a very nice gentleman from the Netherlands. Final price was about $5K under asking and I expect the car will undergo extensive modifications for European FIA vintage racing.

Matt Merritt
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Originally posted by george pence:
Congrats Matt!

Another Pantera is lost to Europe.

So my friend, what's next?

Now George, we can't say too much about that because every real GT5 on this continent came here from europe. So we have done our fair share of car cobbing.
Last week I came across a 1971 Datsun 240Z vintage racecar that was exactly what I was looking for. Must be fate - its owner is 6'5" too! Last night I brought it home. I'll be running it with VARA here on the left coast and, if all works out perfectly, I'll even be at Willow Springs in two weeks.

Matt Merritt
Hey congrats Matt. Are there any other Pantera's in the future? I sure enjoyed #2908 that I had bought from you. It will be an adjustment going from a Horsepower car to a Momentum car. But in the long run it will make you a faster a better driver.(not that you were not already a good driver, of course)I am happy & sad for you, because I will miss seeing your Pantera on the track.
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