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OK, I'm trying a different method to hopefully get some actual help from someone else here as I look to learn.  I was told to get this master cylinder for my car after upgrading my brakes to Wilwood's... but apparently it's the wrong one?

I saw this it's same one listed on SACC's site, but maybe that's wrong too. I have the adapter from IPSCO for it. Here's what it looks like compared to what was on the car. If anyone has any experience with this that could help me, it'd be appreciated. I'm also open to just being flamed for trying to learn too if that's preferred.



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I installed a Wilwood Tandem Master Cylinder in my Pantera last winter to replace a failing stock master; rest of the brake system is all stock. In addition to making up new brake lines from MC to shuttle valve, I had to increase the depth of the IPSCO Adapter push rod and adjust the booster push rod until I got the preload I wanted--about the thickness of the washer I removed from the MC. I also had to trim the MC circlip a little so as not to interfere with the IPSCO push rod. Nice to have brakes again...

Wilwood Tandem Brake Master Cylinderx


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@Riley posted:

Ahhh yes, this is exactly what I'm going for, thanks. My existing pushrod is too long to put the IPSCO sleeve on it even adjusted all the way... did you shorten yours?

You have to remove the Wilwood push rod and washer from the MC. The IPSCO Adapter push rod slides onto the booster push rod, and the flat end pushes against the MC piston. The Adapter push rod would be better if it had a rounded end for this application, but it works with a little massaging. Hope this helps.

IPSCO push rod

IPSCO push rod on Booster push rod


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  • IPSCO push rod on Booster push rod

So turns out I'm not crazy or an idiot (well, at least not in this particular circumstance), and learned what the issue is, thanks to Scott at SACC. The booster and master that the previous owner had on the car used a longer pushrod than stock by about 2 inches, and that's why nothing fit. It was in my original pic but I guess not noticeable. I have the right Wilwood master, I just need to get a new pushrod or a new booster with new pushrod that is the correct length.

Thanks so much for your help figuring this out... and the moral of the story here is just to call Scott @SACC and get everything from him from here on out!

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