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Constantine GM, I bought a Pantera in France that's a hard hit, l/ft., ex-racer. We may be parting out depending on the severity of the chassis, stand by, the car should hit the states in April. This car shown is no problem to repair, hell we've done hard-hits & rollovers for clients that today you'd never know it. Cutting in and lining up a roof is more difficult than cutting in a quarter. As they say, only the hairdresser knows for sure. I'll be in touch.


also, Sharkey replied in this thread that you should contact him and yet you are still seeking parts??

if you want to buy the sheet-metal you will be paying some serious money, just as if you have to find someone to hand fabricate them for you.

between the offer from Sharkey and the two options I have posted you have had two chances to get the sheet-metal you seek. Can you share your hesitation or specific problems regarding acquiring these parts?


Larry, I was waiting on a used rear clip that Sharkey told me he would be getting in from a car from Europe. So I did not pursue the inner fender. After waiting a month I was told that the car from Sharkey was not going to happen. I fix far more expensive cars than these so I am used to spending $$$$ However I am mindful of what I buy. The wrong parts can make a correct repair even more of a challenge. I would still prefer a used 1/4 of a car but I have found a great stash of reasonably priced NOS parts through this forum. Thank you for that !! Cheers, Constantine

I helped him out telling him Larry Stock has one in stock, originals, for sale. Priced appropriately. The wrecked car in France I didn't get because it cannot be exported from France, as the owner could not provide adequate ownership paperwork. That's why I fell off the car.... Followed by... call Larry Stock w/your credit card, you can buy it today & have it in 2 weeks on your door step.

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