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Well its been two years living in Elkhorn Nebraska now, and my wife and I are doing well adapting. Five grandchildren all within a short walk, and certainly plenty to do.

I do miss our little desert home in Palmdale, Ca, that was sitting on two and half acres of land. We lived there for 38 years, but our timing to moved and WHERE we moved to, couldn't have been more perfect. Yeah, there's four season's here, and being from 3 generations of native California families, it takes some adjustment. 

There are many benefits to Nebraska though, besides the best corn, the schools in Elkhorn are some of the best in the nation. Our utilities are cheaper here. I've paid as little as $1.35 for gas. People wave and smile at you, (before the mask that is, now you just see their eyes squint) If your over the age of 65, you can homestead your modest home, and with limited income, get a discount on property tax. I don't want to tell you guys back in CA what I paid in 2019, but it was dirt cheap. Nebraska was also rated by BANKRATE as being the number one state to retire in....that I just found out yesterday.

There are coffee and cars events at the local HyVee and many other locations. Seems all the cool cars come out of nowhere and gather. There's no shortage of classics here, and way more exotics than I ever thought was here. 

At 68 years young, and with a recent right hand injury, I don't know if I can hold on to #7356 for too many more years, but we'll see. God Bless you all. Stay well and safe. 

Tim Kingston



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I see where you are.. at the edge of mid west.. you probably have nice long roads going all the way into "heaven" geographically opportunity for Panters going hill..We nbever have this vies over her. All to laning view distance.

Never been there but Noth Dacota, Sout D, Montana .. Wy, Col. etc..

I live in a crowded country..yours is flat and silences..,ok the car will do.

Matthias /Stuttgatt Germany a US FAN

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