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Found out that when the guys built the custom jackshaft holder for my Boss 302, that they used at least one bearing that is not of the stock config......too small.

Does anyone have the industry numbers for these bearings? I believe the rear one to be unique and the front and middle to be the same.

Please drop me an email if you can or post it here for all to know.

Thanks and ciao!
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Steve, I worked in a power transmission parts distributor early in my career. Bearings have standard configurations. If you can't see the numbers on the bearing's seals take the bearings out and go to US Bearings or Motion Industries or Royal Brass odds are they have the exact part you need on the shelf, only difference is theirs might be a zinc seal instead of a rubber seal. Number will be something like 6108RS (rubber seal) or 6108RZ (Zinc Seal)
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Thanks to Dana Hansen and Nate Stevens, I have info on the bearings that "most" of your cars will use. LATE cars will need a different rear most bearing....

Let's see if I can get this all down properly.

Front bearing: 47mm OD x 20mm ID x 18mm Wide. #62204-2RS1 (SKF). $22 (I had a 14mm wide bearing here and a spacer behind my pulley!)

Middle and Rear bearing: 47mm x 25mm x 16mm. #63005-2RS1 (SKF) $20

Rear bearing for LATE cars: (not sure where cutoff is, but if a 47mm is too small.....
52mm x 25mm x 15mm #205-SZ3 MCH? $16

These are all double rubber sealed units. Which is what we want.

I obtained this info from Girardi Bearing in Gilroy CA. (Love their muzac recording!!!) Sharon was a great help while I tried to read my scratchings on note papers, deal with unknowns, and be a total amateur! 408-847-7360 Note that these prices are about half of what I found for prices at the Motion Industries website!

Girardi had them all in stock except for the middle bearing which I wanted in SKF. They did have cheaper offshore bearings but even Sharon admitted that they were not as durable in many cases..... I want durable! She even faxed me data sheets to see RPM and load limits! Needless to say, the limits on these bearings are not anywhere close to being exceeded!

I ordered a set of bearings plus a set of spares to put in the traveling tool box, to insure that I will never have to replace them while out on the road. Minute you don't have them with you, you will need one! "Murphy's rules of the road!"

Now we know!
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