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Am chasing down a low milage LONGCHAMP to buy, but am back of the queue and need to move quickly,....Are the GTS-type wheelarches available and the other bits like the body decals and what rims & tyres did they run on the GTS-type LONGCHAMP?
Saw one long, long time ago....sure looked pretty....Even saw a convertable.. Would that have been factory Or custom job ??? How many built, any stick-shifts,
Any idea on values, - would run it as pretty much a dailly drive, so auto wont be to bad. Any one any info..... Many thks., tai.
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Hi Tai

The factory says there were 409 cars made (between 1973 and 1989), 395 coupes and 14 spyders. The factory spyders started about 1981 (series II cars), earlier ones were after market. There were 24 with manuals and I know of 6 RHD, there is probably more. I don't know how many GTS's were built, I would estimate 30-60, starting in 1981 with the series II cars (some early cars have been converted). I know of about 60 cars still running, I can send you a list if you are interested. I know of 3 cars for sale in the US and Europe always has some for sale, ocassionally one in Australia.

Check with Panteras by Wilkinson for the flares, or Roland Jaeckel in Germany. A lot of the parts are from the Pantera (electrical, gauges, front suspension/brakes) or other Ford cars (tans, shifter, steering column) it uses a Jag rear end, so parts are relatively easy to come by, except body and glass, which are very expensive. The GTS also had some small suspension changes, I haven't seen a detailed list of the differences.

With so few cars and so many differences its hard to give prices. I have seen poor quality cars sell arouund $10,000. There are a couple that have been for sale in the US for several years for around $45,000, which I think is more then they will ever sell for. Europe prices tend to be a little lower, I thik because they have more cars and they are driven more, so maybe not in as nice of conditoin.

I have used mine as a daily driver with no problems, the AC is a little weak on real hot days and the defrost & wipers are poor, same issues as the Pantera. Overall its a great car for the price and a lot of fun to drive. Not much chance of seeing another one on the road or at a show. Email me if you have any other questions,

Hello Tai;

I take it that you are looking for a RHD Longchamp.

I know of one that has been upgraded to GTS specification, but the car itself needs a lot of work. Maybe he'd sell the kit seperately, or take some splashes so you could mold them.

I would be happy to put you in touch with the owner if interested.

It's also possible that an earlier car is going to be for sale shortly, although this will also need work.

It's interesting noting Scott's thoughts on values, but I think good cars in Europe will still fetch good money. My wife drives the last RHD Longchamp GTSE ever built which is in Concours condition and by some strange quirk of fate has a Nascar EX block. It's been valued at £27,500.

Feel free to e-mail me at for further info & pics

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