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Does anyone have the facotry alignment specs and tire inflation specs for the last version of the Pantera?

I need info/data based on a document from the factory, such as an owners manual.

And if you have an owners manual, please tell me, what did DeTomaso call that version of the Pantera on the owner's manual cover? Or on the factory sales invoice?


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George, I wouldn't be surprised is there isn't an Si specific owner's manual. Si owners were probably supplied with a GT5-S manual and an Si addendum.

Just for fun, here are the alignment specs for the Ferrari F40, which was also developed in the '80's, has similar suspension technology and tire sizes.

Camber: -1°10' to -1°30' (front)
-1° to -1°20' (rear)

Toe-in: 1.5mm to 2.5mm (front)
2.5mm to 3.5mm (rear)

Caster: 5°10' to 5°20' (front)

Tire Pressures: Normal Use: 41 psi (f) 36 psi(r)
(Pirelli P-Zeros) High Speed Use: 44 psi (f&r)

With Bridgestones: 36 psi (f&r)
With Goodyears: 36 psi (f&r)
With Michelins: 41 psi (f&r)

Tire Sizes: 245/40-17 front (note: Goodyear & Michelin use 235/45-17 front)
335/35-17 rear
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