European GTS car. Silver and black. Euro GTS cars were not cosmetic upgrades like the U.S. spec cars. The suspension, braking and powertrain were upgraded significantly. You can read about the differences in the DeTomaso book by Wyss.
The engine and transmission are out of the car. The ZF received a service and safety wiring from Hall Pantera with 0 miles since. The 351 has received almost 10 thousand dollars in upgrades and is very potent. 3,000 miles on the engine. Here is what was done to the engine: The block has been bored .30 over. TRW forged 10.5 to 1 compression pistons. Ford Steel rods, steel crank, high flow oil pump. 8 quart Milodon baffled oil pan. Reusable screened oil filter. Accel heavy duty starter. Aluminum water pump. Mains and heads are studded with ARP studs. The heads are closed chambered. Stainless valves. Hardened seats for unleaded fuel. Competition Cams, cam springs and lifters with roller rockers. 3/8 chrome moly pushrods. Heavy duty double roller timing chain. Ford Motorsports aluminum studded rocker arm valve covers which act as a rocker girdle. Polished Offenhauser dual port 360 degree intake manifold. Holley chrome fuel pump. 750 Holley carb. Mallory electric ignition. The motor has been balanced, blueprinted, linebored and has 3,000 highway miles on it. It pulls like a train to 6,700 RPM and puts out approximately 400 horsepower.
The car does have some rust on it in the rockers and other areas. It is NOT a rust bucket. It would be wise to media blast the car and repair any rusty conditions. The car looks reasonably straight and the interior components are good. The car is titled as a 1976 but the serial number is consistent with it being a 1973 car and the owner believes that can be resolved if it makes a difference in the state you are registering the car in.
The asking price for the entire car with powertrain as described above is $22,900 OBO.
Please call Jerry at 714-744-1398 for details.

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Admin5: If the car is still available ~ couple of questions for you.

What do you mean by "Interesting project car?" What needs/should be done to it?

Why are the engine & trans out of the car?

You stated the "car looks reasonably straight", has the car been wrecked or body damage in some way?

Can you send pictures please (
I think this car would be interesting to restore because of its scarcity and increased performance capabilities. I also think it would be vintage race eligible. Please look at this link to find some pictures and call the guys at PI Motorsports Inc. for the full skinny.
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