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Hello all.

After a long winter of planning, doing, re-doing, blood, sweat, sleepless nights, etc. ... I am finally 98% finished the interior cabin renovation for #3528.

Pictures are available at the very "early stage" blog I have created to chronicle the madness that involves owning a Pantera in a climate that only permits driving during 7 months of the year.

#3528 BLOG

Please check back in the near future as I continue to add loads of pix for all the winter work performed, including the cabin mods, new alternator, new ignition, Pantera Electronics Ignition Switch Controller, Headlight Relay and ATO fuse panel ...

The good news is that she is running great and terrorizing the mountain roads in Western Canada.

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The new interior is looking great, the 2-tone leather accents and stitching are fantastic.

It looks like you've moved your window switches to the hump behind the shifter, are your headlight and fan switch(es) there too?

BTW - How do you like the new toys from Pantera Electronics? I'll be installing the same 3 items and was wondering which order to do them in if I want to button up the car and drive it between each upgrade (I'm thinking Fuse Panel, then Headlight Motor Controller, then ISC - your thoughts?).
Hey Russ.

I did exactly as you suggest: the Fuse Panel was first (and I drove her for about 500 km's)and then the ISC.

I have yet to do the HMC because I do not know if the previous owner replaced the stock plastic gear in the headlight motor with the brass gear. This is a required mod prior to installation of the HMC.

Let me know if you have any questions relative to either mod. I plan to add some pix to my blog to show off the ATO panel and the ISC (in more detail). I was/am a total novice, but was able to pull off this work.

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