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There is planned an international De Tomaso meeting in Switzerland from July 6th to 9th 2007.
It will be organized by the Swiss clubs and it is held in St.Gallen, near the Austrian and German border.
First information you can see at
on the right side of their front page.
Deadline for registration is December 2006.
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Just a reminder to our european De Tomaso Drivers:

BTW: I'm in the early stage to organize 2008 an international Meeting for so called "Hybrid-Exotics", i.e. AC Cobra, Bitter CD, Bizzarini, Bristol, De Tomaso, Facel, Gordon Kneeble, Iso, Intemeccanica, Jensen, Monteverdi, Sbarro, Sunbeam Tiger etc.

It will be a blast to see, and hear, pure american power in a unique variety of well designed car bodies. Eeker Big Grin

Updates of this special event will follow...
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