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I recieved my password (again) and previously logged in succesfully. A joy! And today, retrieved the exact same password, and got this unpleasant halt:

Member Area access denied

You have attempted to access an area which opens

for those members that have shared photos with the Registry.

So there. The site hates me. I'm selling my car.
Only the login is necessary to view the For Sale section.

Now you are touring around the site beyond the For Sale section, and attempted to access an area reserved for people that have added their car to the Registry... then you will get the message you show.

You and I have discussed this before as I remember... several times, so I don't even need to look things up!

The cycles goes like this:

You have access problems... I check it out, and reply that you need to send in some photos of your car. What is currently present is "old" details and photos from before your ownerhsip.
Severla years before your accident, and subsequent fix, and all your nice work since!

You say you will send some photos (and include one VIN plate)... but you forget.

Then the next time comes along where you want to see something (beyond the For Sale section)... the cycle repeats.

You just need to send some photos of your car.

But then I have told you this before, remember?

You are in charge of your destiny (and access).
When you finally get around to sending in some photos, let me know, I'll push them along quickly and you will not have to do this again.

But if you forget again, well.... next time I'll just cut N paste from this message.

And if you really want to sell your car, SEND SOME PICS and I'll build you a free ad!!!!

BiG a$$ grin!
I would list my car for sale with you, but I'd have no way to submit it. Darn the luck.

Guess that's what I get for belonging to several different sites. Oddly, those whom I join often 'remember' me, eliminating the burden of having to remember my unworthiness in the process.

Chuck, I foolishly thought that 'registering' with a username and password equated to real membership access. I'm a failure, yet I one day aspire to navigate the minefield of full accesss. Who says I can't dream big?
You mistake the difference between creating your login, and sharing some material, but then we have talked about this already, so I presume you jest!

There is a bit of material available to those that just create their login, like the Cars for Sale section, while the rest of the site material I create is my way of saying "thanks for sharing"... to those that add a car to the Registry, or share something else.

It is this "thanks for sharing" area that is rapidly growning. For example I just finished up on the first draft of the rear axle and bearing replacement article (with step-by-step instructions, photos, and video clips).

So when you are done dreaming, and come back to reality, send in a few photos (like the photos you have shared already here at the PI board) to the Registry and you will be set for life.

But then this topic has digressed way off the point.
The point is a very nice car is now for sale, and interested parties should review all the photos and details at the initially listed link.
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