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My GTS runs the wheels and tyres that were on it when I bought it. They are Yokohama 225 x 50 x 15 front, and 295 x 50 x 15 rears. My wheels are 3 piece Simmons (an Australian racing wheel - factory delivered for Longchamps and Panteras in Australia in the 80's).

I am thinking of getting something to replace them in the future. I think they will have to be specially made to suit. I am thinking of 18" dia front and rear - 9" wide at front and 11 or 12" at the rear. I will probably get the wheels fitted up prior to getting the bodywork/respray and modify the inner guards for clearance if needed (my car is lower than standard). I have looked at the Pantera wheels (PI Motorsports etc) as an option. Any thoughts?


The chairment of the De Tomaso Drivers Club here in the UK, Ric Lee has a GTSE Spyder and runs Campy repro's 18's all round. Crazy sizes like 10's front and 12's at the rear with 305's on the rear and 255's up front.

I have the exact sizes of wheels and tyres around here somewhere as I measured everything recently. He has two Longchamp GTSE's, the last two of the final six cars that rolled off the DT production line purchasing them new in 86-88 I believe.

Both cars run these wheels.

I like the Aussie wheels on this car:
540HP on the main page and down the left hand menu link:

Made by:

They were custom made the owner told me in an e-mail a year or so ago.

I'm going to 17's all round as I think 18's are overkill making you go to a rediculously thin sidewall destroying the ride quality of our cars.

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