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I am not one to usually leave reviews, but the Pantera community continues to amaze me both with the quality/help from owners, and the vendors. My 74’ GTS that my father bought new as a Ford engineer with A plan discount in the Lincoln Mercury dealer had always fought a bit of an overheating problem. I remember being in the Woodward dream cruise as a little kid in Detroit and my father being very anxious as it was a very slow go.

Around two years ago, my father passed the car over to me, and the same overheating issues begin to make me anxious. My father had leaned on Steve Wilkenson and Dennis a lot for parts and support over the years, but Steve recommended Jon on the overheating challenges.

Talking to Jon was like talking to an old friend. Our first discussion was probably 30 minutes and I learned a tonn. Everything he recommended that I do initially he was pointing to specific websites I could go to for purchase. I asked him if he sold them, and he said yes, but it would cost me more money. I bought the parts from him as a small token of thanks. I then bought the coolant gauge adapter and radiator fan adapter.  I can now drive my car across town without fear of overheating, and I am very grateful. Following the lead of a local Pantera owner I also purchased his fuse board after my dad, shared how the car had left him stranded, and it was the bullet size fuses that had let him down.

I believe in karma and helping good people and this message is nothing more than that, helping someone who truly enjoys helping others and happens to make stellar products.

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Jon is outstanding. His personalised approach to service makes you think you are the only customer he is dealing with.

After installing almost every PE product on 6997 and asking Jon every stupid question known to man in the process  , I have to say it is the most outstanding post retail support I have ever received. 

A great post 74gts.

If I may add my 2 cents, Jon is a gentleman of extraordinary measure.  He is beyond helpful at all times, even on Sundays!!!  He freely gives his time and expertise, expecting nothing in return.  He frequently points you to other sites to save a buck or two, although we know his product is superior, which is why in the end we buy from him.  And so far he has backed up everything for me with a life-time warranty (but nothing he has sold me has ever failed) and endless support.  He is a rare find indeed.

One day I decided to take my Pantera out for long drive to his place to pick up a part that could have been easily shipped.  He spent the majority of his morning spending time with my young son and I, inviting us into his home, and showing us how he dreams up a design, builds it, tests it, and produces it in-house.  As far as I am concerned, he is an electronics genius.  We are lucky to have Jon.

Fortunately he tends not to be judgemental. Otherwise as a whole, the Pantera community would likely be in trouble? Certainly I would, but that's not my fault. I blame it on my parents.

On my planet, I was considered highly intelligent and yet none of them have come to take me back. What's with that?

I am hard pressed to find anything negative to say about him at all. Thank you for your help Jon.

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