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My old car is almost ready for its Ministry of transport test, on wednesday next.
Its 95% done and aren't there always some jobs to do and things to improve, but I must say that in the process of doing the work over the last 18 months, It would have taken Far Far longer had I not had the help and assistance of the folk on this forum.

I must include Mike Drew too for he was my initial contact in the Pantera world and I was so lucky to have found such a helpful bloke.

So give yourselves a warm rousing round of applause you deserve it and thank you all again. Pete.
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I think we have all been enthralled at your persistence in traveling the sometimes difficult path that has brought you this close to the end.

I often refer to our cars as "rust-prone Italian hot rods". Sometimes, that is being kind. Wink

As misery loves company, we are always ready to help out some other poor bloke who is in love with our little orphan exotic, despite the demands owning one puts on us.

Here's hoping you pass that transport test with flying colors.


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