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Never been able to do so before they all have too many pixels???

here we go. WOW that was easy, I have joined the modern world, by the way 3840 is going on Display at the National Exhibition centre in Birmingham England next week on the DeTomaso drivers club stand.P1060558


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Your car looks great, Peter -

Who sponsored all the DeTomaso "stuff"?  That looks expensive.  We only have a Pantera Owner's Club flag or two here in Arizona.

The Jensen Interceptor group set up anice booth at NEC, and the Jensen Owners Club (JOC) has all the accoutrements that go with it.  I haven't seen that kind of stuff for us here in the states.

Great work - looks good to me!

Rocky (Chuck)


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The Detomaso drivers club has 68 members in the UK Chuck. membership is £55 per year and the club paid for the hotel bill, they are a grand bunch of blokes who all seem to help each other. sadly one of the 3 display cars a GT5S, broke down on the way and had to be trailered in, there are some wonderful cars at the show, I wish you could have seen the Chevrolet in the metal, astonishing. we have a flag too and the 2 signs that are space frame that fold into almost nothing and then the cotton picture display clips on to it. we also get a magazine 4 times per year.  If you would like a copy let me know your address and I shall send you one.


best Pete

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