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Well, so far we have the following confirmed:

David, Robert, Michel, Carmen, Andrew, Jonanthan, Mark, Bohdan, Richard, Will, Ross, Wayne

Only Roy has advised that he can't make it.

We're still waiting for confirmation from the following owners who do not use this board. Feel free to contact them. Their info is on the East CDN Owners list (enclosed):

ON - Gavin, Derrick, Josef, George
QC - Romano, Dominic, Alain, Roger, Normand, Benoit


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Just reconfirmed with the 4 Points Sheraton. They are still holding a few rooms for those who have not yet confirmed, but you will need to act soon—its only two weeks away!

Four Points Sheraton
285 King St. East
Kingston, ON
Tel: (613) 544 - 4434
Fax: (613) 548 - 1782
Toll Free: (888) 478 - 4333

Please book ASAP to take advantage of the Pantera International group rate and ensure a nice cozy secure underground parking spot they have a pretty nice bar too... Wink

I'm looking forward to seeing all you guys again and checking out the major progress that some of you have made on your cars. I'll be parking in the slacker section with Richard! Big Grin


Also, I hear there's a tidal wave risk for the NJ coast that weekend, so you guys should bring your cars inland to higher safer ground. Smiler
One Awesome Pantera Event
Two Weeks from Today

Don't miss the 2nd Annual Pantera International "Great Canadian Classic"

WHO: Canadian Pantera owners (16 or more!)
WHAT: Two days of Pantera fun
WHERE: Kingston, ON
WHEN: September 15-16

Click here for web site.
Download schedule here .
Click here for 2006 photos.

The Four Points by Sheraton
285 King Street East
Kingston, Ontario K7L 3B1
Tel: (613) 544-4434
Fax: (613) 548-1782
Toll Free: (888) 478-4333
Contact: Greg Bell who is holding rooms in name of Pantera International

Download Info PDF


As of today, here's who's coming to Kingston - from left to right starting at the top:

Carmen, Jonathan, Bohdan, Mark,
Ross, Andy, Normand, Josef,
Robert, Derrick, Will, David,
Wayne, Richard, Michel, Romano

We're still waiting to hear from a few more. Call your friends and remind them.

Visit our event web site here.
Get the schedule here.
See last year's pics here

If you have not yet done so, call or email Greg at the Four Points Sheraton to confirm your reservation with the Pantera International Group - with reserved Pantera parking. You can always cancel without charge.

Greg Bell
Tel: (613) 544-4434
Fax: (613) 548-1782
Toll Free: (888) 478-4333


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Chris Lewis called me to let me know that I can meet you. Looking forward to see you in Kingston.

I will be there but without my car. I am re-engining the beast and I did not get all the goodies ready.

Would it be better if I stopped by on Friday for the stuff?

In the photo montage of participants, I am with my wife in black shirts standing beside the original factory ORANGE car !!

George still thinks that anything North of California is in a deep freeze. Especially in that frozen country called Canada.

But as we can all attest, the hot sun has been great this summer.

By the way Michael and Doug, it's awesome weather for a drive north to Kingston. Mark DeCasien is leaving tromorrow. Why not join him and 18 of us on Saturday and/or Sunday?

Pantera International Great Canadian Classic
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