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DEEB IS David, but Danno, I agree, he did a fantastic job on this and of organizing a great event for us North-Eastern Pantera owners. I guess when you figure in that he used to run some of the most successful racing series in Canada (Motorola Cup and many others) it's not surprising. I'm glad we have him here. It sure makes it a lot more fun owning a Pantera!

BTW, David I am really enjoying mine too!

We are planning to make it a three day weekend event next year. I just sent you an email with the plans (keep it under wraps for now).

Hotel is already booked.

Glad you all liked the video. We expect you to star in it next year! We will be sending you all a "Hold the Date" note real soon.

I have most of your emails, but send them to me just in case if you are interested in attending next year.

Pantera International
Great Canadian Classic III
Kingston, Ontario / September 5-7, 2008

Sheraton Four Points
Holding 25 rooms for us
Private Indoor Pantera Parking

Mark it on your calendar now!
Tell your wife!

Details and schedule to follow. Please advise if you have any problem with this date!
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