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I recently had my Koni 1701 and 1601 shocks rebuilt by the factory. I told them that I wanted the shocks adjusted for normal street use, nothing radical but to err on the stiff side based on what I have read here at the site. After installing them, went out on some qick hilly turns and I nearly put the car into a ditch. She pushed right thru the corner. Can anyone give me some guidence on the adjustment setting? I believe these only have 1 adjustment. I'm hoping someone (or 2) could tell me what their setting is for standard street aplications so I don't have to take off and install them 10 times. Hopefully only 2 or 3 times. Roll Eyes

Steve in VA
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I've gone through 72 pages in the Chassis System section with no info on the adjustment on these shocks. I did find 3 different spring rates quoted as stock and 2 different shock #'s for the rear, 1702 and the 1601 in the 82 series. I took the front shocks off last night and found them fully adjusted to LEFT which should mean the softest. However in the instructions I did find it said "check to see if the shock was in the unadjusted position" (counterclockwise). Does this mean that if it isn't off the counter position it isn't adjusted for anything? The shock moves smoothly though. Any help would be appreciated.

Speaking from experience with Koni's from other applications, they always come out of the box dead soft or as I put it dead.

The struts are the worst. You have to "turn them on". Yours are "turned off" so to speak.

The car is riding with no shocks right now.

Try two clicks up. That should be in the middle and if they don't respond, call up Koni and bitch to them that you nearly got killed with the things, they are garbage, can't they hire employees that aren't part of a prison work/release program?

If they tell you to screw off, tell them you are going to sue them for damages and find another shock company. For what they cost you don't need to take crap from them. If you are nice to them they will piss all over you.

This is par for the course for them. They think everyone but them is stupid.
Thanks Guys for the input. Hudson, Doug kinda hit it on the head, I tried to get the info from them after spending a small fortune with them but they didn't have the time to give me a bit of info. I wasn't sure what the "feel" would be in the full "soft" position, would I be hopping around like a pogo stick or what but I get the impression it's not so much compression as rebound with them soft. I may be feeling a spring shutter more than anything else that I'm translating to a stiff feeling. The old posts I read seem to confirm that going stiff felt good with shock adjustments so why did these feel like they were so stiff on their softest setting? Cowboy you guys know what a hassle it is to mount and demount the shocks, I was just getting lazy and hoped someone would say "do this" and all would be right in the world. I momentarily forgot I was talking about my Pan. Doug, 2 or 3 clicks will be what I go with and I'll report back as to the results. I always think the experience and the fix is very important on the site to pass the info on.

Thanks again,
Mike Daily has an article at the, about how to adjust the ride height of them.
He doesn't mention adjusting the stiffness.

It is his car he is talking about (according to the pictures) so he must have been down this road too.

Perhaps you can PM him here or at the Pantera Place? He has always seemed more then willing to help a fellow Pantera enthusiast?

Best of luck with them. As far as feeling the southern Evangelist might say, "Brother...I feel your pain!"
Last weekend I took the front shocks off to adjust them. I had asked the factory to set them to medium stiff (3 or 4 out of 5). They where set to 1 of the softest setting. Since it requred disassembling the upper mount is the only reason I didn't check them out before hand. An after thought would to have been to check them against the 38 year old, 38k mile Telecar shocks I removed which were 10 times stiffer than the 1 setting on the Konis. After adjusting them to 4 the Pan is feeling 1000 times better in ride and performance feel than the 1 setting. Lesson learned, don't trust the setting done by Koni if you spec it and tell them not to install the top mounting support (with the roll pin), you will do it and save you and them the trouble of setting the adjustment. Much easier to put it together than take it apart.
Thanks for the support guys,
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