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My 'old' Koni & Hall shocks and springs are for sale.

I believe the spring rates are 450 & 550(rear).

The previous owner added the springs & shocks between 1992-1993.
(The receipt was lost, otherwise I would get them rebuilt for >free< !)

My car's ride height with this combo is at least 1" lower
(all the way around) than stock. (I don't have measurements from before I went with the new 9-way (11, 12 ?) adjustable suspension.)

I've been meaning to put them on eBay.
But before that I'd reply to any *reasonable* offers.

You should send them to Koni for rebuilding. I not sure what that costs,
but not likely over $400.

>>>Can anyone that has done this thru Koni, chime in here regarding the cost,
and success ???

I want to get rid of them,
and they are taking up space!

I'd throw in the stock spring spacers ! (grin)
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