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Hi All,
I was told there were some earlier posts about this issue, but my searches did not find what I was looking for.

I have looked at a few '73-'74's whose front bumper had areas that looked roughed up in areas and had small cracks in them. The bumper skin appears to be rubber, but I've heard of owners painting them which I wouldn't think would work with rubber.

1. What is the front L model bumper made of?
2. If the problems are minor, what is the best way to restore them to look new?
3. If they are a little worse than minor - what then?
4. Are there aftermarket replacements available?

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You will get far better responses than mine, but here goes -

Mine was moderately 'lumpy' but not gouged up.

1. Removed, scotchbrited exterior; cleaned with Eastwood's 'Pre' to remove all traces of chemical, silicones, etc.
2. Used dremel cut-off wheel and wire wheel to remove rust from frame that had swollen areas near the mounts (very common)
3. Coated inner metal with oxygen-robbing rust proofing sealer.
4. Used weatherstrip adhesive in cracked area and clamped tightly between flat metal bars to control shape.
5. Once adhesive dried, rewiped with Pre and coated with Eastwood bumper/trim spray.

The above has lasted 4 years. I vaguely recall photographing and posting, but it was long enough ago I've no idea and likely deleted the pictures, but I hope the description helps you.

You can get fiberglass replacements. You can also go chrome or stainless. (Would have to do front and back of course.)
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