Now it's time to share my prodject. Try to turn my L into a GR4. When I started to tare it down I found like many of you rust party so I had to start welding and making new parts.

Here is a pic from how the car lock before taredown

Taking out the engine:

Then the rust work started:

It's just cuting and cut... Roll Eyes

Then I started with the jack to see if it where more rust. Suprice! I found some more in the front. I started to cut and cut some more!

In the end I had to cut most of the front, make new parts and build up again.

Here the strip is on it's way:

When I took out the carpet, I tought It was rust on the floorpans but lucky me only the same color.

When I got the GR4 flars I had to test fit them. This is original from the factory so the fit was good.

The sidemarkers had to go:

The wintermonths here in Norway can be hard and cold... so internet and Visa is good to have. Had to have some more power in the cat!

Complete long block assembled by Roush Yates Engines
Ford dry sump racing block R451
Bryant 8 counterweight racing crankshaft
Top of the line connecting rods
Forged pistons
Roush Yates spec'd roller camshaft with 55mm roller cam bearings
Jesel dogbone lifters
Yates D3 aluminum cylinder heads (fully ported for maximum performance)
Roush Yates Engines rocker arms
Titanium Valves
Roush Yates 2 piece valve covers with oilers
5 Stage dry sump pump with lines
Custom oil pump with 4 pickup points
Roush Yates Front belt drive assembly
ATI balancer
Stewart EMP water pump
High output alternator
All pulleys and brackets

Engine Family V8 Windsor Ford
Specification / Name Solid Roller Cam Engine
Displacement 358 Cubic Inches
Compression Approx. 12:1
Approx. 800 HP
Torque N/A
Weight 430 Lbs.

Block Ford Motorsports Iron Block
Deck Height 9.00"
Bore 4.150" or larger
Stroke 3.260" - 3.300" depending on bore size
Cylinder Head Yates D3 Aluminum prepared by Roush Yates Engines
Intake Valve Size 2.150"
Exhaust Valve Size 1.650"
Valve Accuation Roush Yates Engines
Cam / Lifter Type Solid Roller
Oil System 5 Stage Dry Sump
Induction Carburetor (not included)
Fuel Type Designed for Unleaded Sunoco Race Fuel
Ignition N/A

Got some insperation from DeMopuar about tranny!

Santa deliver:

New Ricardo, same as in Ford GT:

New shifter:

Importent, I need something to stop the car:

As parts come out they need to be cleaned:

Had to remove the lights in the front as they look like a bad fisheys:

When I'm going to have 180' they had to go:

Then the exiting days started:

As you can see it's still a lot of work. Hope you enjoy!!
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WOW!!! Eeker

That's a lot of work, but you're making great progress. Thanks for posting all the pictures, it's amazing to see what goes into a Grp4 conversion. That 6 speed and the engine mods will make your car fly!
WOW! I think I said that before.

If you have questions, please come here to ask. Also, we would all love to see your progress. I would especially love to see what clutch setup you are using along with the starter placement. If I may ask, it looks like a new Ricardo transaxle -- can you give us some more details on where you acquired it? Was it difficult to find?

Very interesting -- I applaud your work and the best of luck with getting it done!

This is what being a Pantera enthusiast is all about! I enjoy seeing how people make these cars their own.

Very impressive engineering and workmanship; I can't wait to see your progress and the results of your hard work.

Thanks guys! For me this is as much fun as to drive the car. I work in the North sea on an oilrig. My shift is 14 days on work and 30 days off work. So I have time for my hobby and I’m loving it!
Like Mark say it's a 2005 - 2006 Ford GT, Ricardo 6 speed. This I bought in England from a guy that worked at Ricardo and now started his owne company, selling Ricardo tranny’s. Good with this one is that it has all the new upgrades.

Clutch setup: This was a difficult task, My friend Eric at SwarrAuto help me with this. Spec is making the clutch and the flywheel for me but the starter wheel Eric got from a friend of him. Ford don’t sell this loose only complete clutch kit and that’s $$$$$$ when I can only use the starter wheel.

Will: Your car look amazing! Your look and finish and Mark's engine and tranny Cool

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Damn! Can't wait to see it done, I love da wide body. I wish I had that engine, let me mortgage my house first!
This RoushYates NASCAR is an insane motor to be putting in a pantera. No wonder you need that Ricardo trans.

I am assume these custom hub carrier is for mating to the the CV axles..

Very nice. You have a lot of skill and no fear.

Warm Alohas
Wonderful keep posting the pictures. Working on the pantera is almost as much fun as driving it. Good luck with the transition and sweet motor choice. applause
Congrats for your efforts and investments !
Be careful with a 12:1 compressio ratio ! I have always been told that this was too high for European street gas....
Better check first for detonation problems...
You right Pat can't use 98 octane. I'm going to drive with 116 octane racing fuel. When I get the engine mid-June I will dyno it and make adjustment for Norwegian condition... let’s say cold weather Frowner and humidity.
First when I bought the engine I was thinking about converting it to ethanol (E85) but when I so the cost and the amount of kilometer I will drive the car a year, I found out I can drive the car for 3 seasons on racing fuel to go breakeven.
Do you have any pictures from when you checkfit the Ricardo in the engine bay (assuming you have gotten that far)? Just wondering how much clearance you would have, that tranny is massive.

116 octane ... wow, In Belgium, that's 3 EUROS ( if not 4 by now ) PER LITER, 12 Euros per gallon, i.e. 16 USD per gallon.... Better be careful with that right gaspedal ! :>)) ( i mean, flat out to Le Mans Classic 2012 will be expensive ! )
HockeyDude: I and half to rebuild. Must widen the engine bay sins the Ricardo is much wider than the ZF

Patrick: If I only live in Belgium.. have family in Antwerp so I should import. No It cost about 6 Euro per liter, 26 USD per gallon here in Norway.
Normal 98 octane pump gas cost about 8,5 USD per gallon

Got the car up this weekend and removed all the chassi components so now it's ready for sand blasting.

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