Hello. I have a large, lighted Pantera sign for sale.  I have had this sign for about 40 years, in a box most of the time.  It is in very good shape, no cracks or chips in the lenses, and the paint lettering is also very good. Still lights, probably on the original bulbs. I have included several pictures for review.

I am asking $2000 or best for it. Compared to similar signs I've seen sold over the years for close to my asking price, this sign is in much better condition. The sign is located in Howell, Michigan, and frankly, if someone is interested in purchasing it, I'd rather it be picked up. No matter how good something is packaged, there's always a chance for damage and I'd hate to see this ruined.

Please send me a note through the forum with phone if interested and I will call you to discuss or answer any questions. Thanks.






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Yes it has the Pantera script and coat of arms on both sides .

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