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I know that DeTomaso retained the rights to the Pantera name, and sold cars to the US subsequent to Ford's withdrawl. I'd like information, or the best source, for determining which Pantera models were imported into the US after that time, and up to what year. I have a personal preference for the subtle styling changes on the later cars, and would appreciate this information.


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Note that *DeTomaso* didn't import ANY cars to the US after the Ford era - they were all brought in by private parties (the largest "private party" being Amerisport, who finished the car in the US and sold them as new cars). So finding complete and accurate data regarding later cars will be tough. These cars left the FACTORY each one a little different, then were modified by whoever brought the car in to meet standards however they could.

As such, there are European models of all flavors in the US - GTS, L, GT5, GT5-S... There are no Pantera SI in the US, however.

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