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I returned from a week away and low and behold, I had mold in the back foot wells of my longchamp. I think that the leak is in the rear quarter window, but not sure since I have a sun roof that the gasket looks cracked. Does anyone know of a source for the rear window rubbers?

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I purchased a rear window rubber (NOS) from Roland and had a problem with slight shrinkage.

The corner sections seems to be made from a different grade of rubber and had shrunk.

Remember to fit to glass to the rubber then fit as one.

I suggest you find a friendly professional windscreen fitter as they have all the right stuff to make this job a breeze.

Use sealant in both the frame AND inside the rubber strip otherwise your new rubber could still let water in. Mine did!

I've had no problem now for over a year.

79 Longchamp GTS 3061
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