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Installed the Hall brake upgrade kit, and among the multiple problems I discovered is that the brake booster leaks. Have checked with a vacuum pump, and it is not possible to build vacuum. As the item is brand new, what can be done ?
I beleive the item is a standard unit, anybody how knows what part no. or car it is "borrowed" from ?
None of the bolt on items was possible to bolt on. All items in this kit had to be machined, or modified to fit my "push button" car. :-(
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I installed a Wilwood set-up from Pantera Performance. When installing the booster that came with it, one of the mounting studs snapped off. That's when I found out that the mounting bolt pattern on a Pantera is unusual. The booster had to be replaced with a another new one because they are specially modified to fit a Pantera. You may find that a replacement booster is going to be hard to find. Also, I assume that it is an upgrade item specified for your brake kit. You need to look for a local company that rebuilds brake boosters. They will be familiar with disassembling the housing. The housing is held together by pressed tabs, rather than bolts or screws. Not something you should mess with because if you crack them or get the alignment wrong, you're going to ruin the whole thing.
I'm with PanteraDoug on contacting Hall about the problem. New components should come with a warranty. You may have to ship it back, or they may have an idea how to, or where to fix it. In any case, you should go to them first. When I had trouble, my dealer got right on it and helped me get it done.
The reply from Hall is :

"Sorry to hear about your difficulties. Those brakes are stock replacement brakes so I´m suprised to hear you had such a problem installing them bla bla bla."
The booster came without the grommet in the front, and this caused the leak. Had to use the old from the original booster.
The rear disk center hole had to be machined 10 mm. to make them fit.
To the rear calipers I had to remove 2-3 cm of the metal between the attachement holes,to enable to have them bolted to the original mounts. The front callipers where to narrow to fit over the new disk. Had to remove about 2mm. material from the calliper to make the opening of the calliper large enough to be installable.

Frode :-(
The person who responded from Hall didn´t even bother to sign his/her name
That's just bullshit. Your story speaks for itself.
I did my brake upgrade myself, so I know that things come up in the process. The Pantera Performance kit didn't have any of the problems you had with the Hall kit.
I had problems setting up the brake lines to the new Master Cylinder, but mostly because I didn't listen carefully to Dennis. I also had the broken booster bolt problem I described earlier, but Dennis replaced it right away, no questions asked.
The instructions were clear and complete, the parts all fit, the dealer backed his product when problems arose, and the brakes are VASTLY improved in all aspects. Balance, performance, and feedback.
I don't want this to sound like an advertisment. I think it is important to share our experiences...good or bad. Especially when they differ so markedly.
Sounds like you worked the problems out. Let us know if you are satisfied with the performance of your new system.
As the brake kit was sold as a bolt on kit, I was not happy with the product, neither with the reply from Hall.
I had the same bla bla feedback when I told them that the seat belt bar that came with the 4 point seat belt kit did not fit either.
So Hall does not provide the quality nor the service I expected. I live far from them so this might cause their negligent behaviour.

Best regards
Perhaps under those conditions vendors might be more cooperative?

Yea, and pigs might start flying.

Truth is, you can't be in business and please everyone. Some do better than others, though. I have heard horror stories about them all. Some have given me direct first-hand horror stories, and those are the ones I put my money in - or don't, if you catch my drift.

Based on personal experience:

Top of my list- Quella and Wilkinson

bottom - Byars of Precision (yea, right) Proformamce

somewhere in the middle - Larry Stock, Hall, Marino (PE),Kirk Evans, Ted Mitchell, PIM

And in this rating game, YMMV is a given

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