Hi all, does anybody have a good used Lecarra steering wheel hub adaptor that they are no longer using?     I have a good Lecarra wheel but the adaptor has stripped the splines somewhat.   The part is no longer made and I didn't want to purchase a wheel as well as an adaptor.


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 There are literally hundreds of steering hub adapters on eBay. Many of them are adaptable to the simple hub adapter made by grant steering wheel.  The correct grant kit for our capri steering column splines is out of production but it’s part number is 3295 and they do show up on eBay. 

 Important for your conversion is the stacked height of the adapter/adapters you wind up using compared to your current adapter height.


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Thanks Larry!   My steering column is electric power steering from SACC but I believe that the splines are the same as the stock Capri.   When I installed the power steering and removed the hub from the stock column, it was a bit stripped so I will watch eBay as you suggest.


Pretty sure Steve Wilkinson took off a quick release LeCarra steering wheel and hub purchased from Hall circa 1994 from my car and the parts should still be there on the Gordon shelf.  If you wish, check and see if it is what you want.  If so, I could be persuaded to let all those steering wheel parts go.

Have you thought about using a machine shop?

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