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Perhaps a moot point, but needs to be addressed again as I do occasionally. Only 2 sponsors of this sight? Seems unreasonable. George and Deb are inundated, it isn't quite fair, am I wrong? We won't compare us to the Lamborghini Talk, or the Ferrari Chat, or Jaguar or Maserati forums, where dozens of members get involved in the day to day. AND keep in mind it cost money to be a member...  yearly! As an aside, the two sponsors you see every time you come to this sight are on top of the page. Nobody else contributes. We need a boost. Anyone out there that might consider giving of your time/talent or treasure to the ONLY DeTomaso sight that's jammed full of useful information you/we all need and rely on. What if the sight disappeared overnight one day? It happens you know. Comments?

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I agree with most of what you are saying.

The Pantera International of today is but a small portion of what it was when I joined in the early 2000s. Things began to change when the Adlers sold their business to George.

over six years ago, I made the following post that included multiple suggestions that could have helped George’s financial position. He made no comments to any of them and none of them were ever acted on.

Earlier this year, I tried reaching out to George but was only able to have a very pleasant conversation with Debbie. At that time, I offered my assistance, both in labor and in potential financial support, in regards to this website. I never received any response from George or Debbie after that phone call.

you can lead a horse to water……


Thank you for the comments. Does anyone in the reading body realize 4 people keep this sight alive??? To wit: Mr. Fiat, Jack Sharkey, Debbie, & Geroge. We four pay out of our pockets. Unbelievable. Over a MILLION VISITORS a MONTH! YIKES! 4 people carrying the torch so 12 to 15 MILLION hits world-wide annually come here to this sight seeking free mechanical advice, finding DeTomaso cars/parts for sale or selling cars and or parts? Consider this: 4 of us. If just one of us drops out, then what? The sight will wobble.

That's the unknown. If two of us drop out, the sight will teeter even further to the edge.

One day you may wake up, and poof the sight suddenly disappeared. Once that happens it's gone forever. I doubt anyone will take it over. It's a job and the kind of job you have to pay out of your pocket to keep it going. Although the sight in on autopilot for the most part, that doesn't mean it doesn't need monitored constantly.

Has to be worth 5, 10, 20 bucks a month or year billing per person to be a member, no? Guests get a 3 day free ride! Nobody is going to get rich, but at least the costs would be a little more palatable.

You may even receive a gift when signing on!

Positive comments please?

Been on this site for probably 15 years.  I read the original post linked above (same problem 6+ years ago?).  I am like others that commented on "what problem are we trying to solve"?   99.9% of all internet content is FREE, paid for by advertisers, not users.  As this is the only worthy DeTomaso site on the web, is it really the case that POCA, the Pantera Vendors, FORD, Pirelli, Summit, JEGS, and the list goes on of suppliers we the DeTomaso Community use every day of the week, are that uninterested in advertising on?  Don't know the financials nor business model being used here, so perhaps the problem can be better articulated?

Tiered membership models work best for the general reader/poster, seller, supplier, etc.  Been proven at FerrariChat,, and on and on.

Charging to read  internet content (other than "OnlyFans" :-)) is a sure way to kill it.

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I would be happy to donate. The value of this site in my education over the years about all things De Tomaso has been incalculable. My hat is off to George and Debbie.

Thank you, Sharkey, for bringing this matter to everyone's attention. I will be keeping it in mind when I next decide where I will be purchasing parts.

Look at that… what a great group of people!!!! 👍👌

the only part missing are G&D to give us a way to contribute….
It may be just an optional gesture to donate , getting you a check mark ✅ next to your name and that falls off after you haven’t donated for 6 months… just as a reminder…

just thinking out loud…

I don’t know if I would have signed up for paid membership at first but as I got involved and started to know several people… Some in person some only over the Internet it becomes a no-brainer for me…

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it has now been over a week since Sharkey made the first post in this thread. The thread has now been viewed over 400 times.

10 forum members, in addition to my personal offerings, have stepped up and offered to contribute funds and or time to assist George and Debbie with this website.

Even with these multiple offers of financial assistance, neither George or Debbie have made any posts or comments on this thread.

As I wrote a week ago,

You can lead a horse to water……


I’m “in” as well. Of course, the dilemma is, how to charge for access without killing the site. Perhaps read-only access could be free. I have noticed, sites such as Road & Track and The New York Times allow you to read 30, or so, articles before you have to subscribe to continue to see content. The question, that only George and Debbie can answer is, can the software that the site runs on, handle some sort of free/paid access model? Perhaps it’s a can-of-worms that George just doesn’t want to open.

@Ed Harbur posted:

I don't think a pay wall is necessary and it certainly would add some (a lot of?) complication for Debbie and George and I agree that it could keep new people away. I, for one, would be proud to have the LeMans green check next to my name.

I firmly believe that a “donate if you appreciate “ model is the way to still get new members and create revenue for G&D !

I don’t think I would be here if there was a “paid membership only “!

it’s the experience you get on this forum that wants you to contribute…. IMG_1831


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Like others, I also have tried to 'do my bit', even in a very small way. When I joined in the distant past I kind of understood that PI was a 'club', as it seemed to have a magazine and other 'merchandise' like stickers, and as such I expected to pay a club membership fee. Upon contacting the admin I found out that there was no real magazine anymore nor membership fee etc. I could buy stickers and I could buy some old additions of the magazine, so I did both, to support the site. My 'payment' since then has  been to contribute to the forums and in PMs, with what I believe is valuable information to the other users.

Cheers, Tim.

Happy to donate, but I would like to see an accounting. What are the hosting costs? What could be done to optimize them? Let's open the books and see what the shortfall is each month. For example, sponsorship payments minus hosting costs. I hope to start a DeTom YouTube channel and sponsor this site as a way to drive traffic to the channel but that's months and months away.

We also have the issue that Larry is pointing out, which I think is legitimate and worth mentioning. I understand it's a hobby, but the absenteeism is not good, and it makes me a little hesitant to donate.

Closing with a sincere Thank You to George and Debbie for what they do.

I am in for paying some type of membership to use this website because I see VALUE.  I receive a lot of good information and look at this site almost everyday.  It is not up to us (users), to make the decision on Free or a paid service, it is up to George & Debbie (owners).  This tread started with a sponsor of this site Sharkey (Pantera of Mami).  Maybe he knows something that we don't know.  I also remember reading a stated from George stating as long as he and Debbi owns this site, he would not charge for it, that is a VERY nice juster, but nothing is FREE in life.  I think if George and Debbie wanted too, they could find some more sponsors to help in the cost.  It has a lot of value to the De Tomaso community.  George could also sell the site if they wish, which I would be interested in owning this site, George are you listening.   Another question is: What is the Business Model"  We don't know.  I wish George and or Debbie would chime in so we the users could help.  We have no control, we are just users of this great site.  They could always do a survey.  In closing I am still in favor of paying for a membership to use this site.  What ever happens, we are just along for the RIDE.  Long Live this Site.  Larry Goodnough

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