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Thank you DOES 200
Yes, I think it is Grabber,,, Did'nt think I'd have a Blue Pantera, when I was looking it was all Red and Yellow cars,, Then mine came along and I could'nt pass it up, But now I really do love the color, It won the Best Paint Trophy and Drag Race Runner up Trophy P.I Motorsports show/ Endless summer party two weekends ago. I Still Have The smile on my face.

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Shotgungrooms, that is a beautiful blue Pantera, but you probably already know that. Grabber?
Hey George, what sort of magazine did you find that picture in Wink
This thread is 2 years old?
I like the wheels on r mccall's car.
Here is a pic of my car sat at the dock down in Plymouth. I had just got back from Le Mans 2005. The car is filthy but the camera lies. I like the wheels more with a coat of break dust. Maybe I will paint them a darker silver next time.

I never tire of looking at these cars!



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I'm located in Richmond, B.C., where the Vancouver Airport is. Will, where are you located? I'm a member of Panteras Northwest and you can usually see my car at our annual "Italian Days" show in North Vancouver or at the annual Pantera show at Birch Bay Park in Wash. State with our U.S. members, as well as our big (also annual) Langley car show as well as many smaller shows around the Vancouver area. I've owned it for about 25yrs now and just recently bought a 74 in many pieces that I am restoring for my son. There's a good gathering of Panteras out west here, so if anyone is out this way, give me a call.
I don't have a website, but here is a brief description. The engine is currently out after having two Comp Cams go flat so I went to a full roller setup (whole top end) specced out for my Webers by Mark McKeon of (618 lift) (and reccomended by George Pence). The bottom end is being done by It has a Pete Jackson gear drive, roller rockers, windage tray, stainless one piece valves, reworked rods and is getting forged pistons and completely balanced. The 180 headers are made by me as a winter project as well as the roof scoops, "elephant" ears and rear wing. The roof scoops hold an engine oil cooler and a radar detector. The whole car is braced and cross braced by me (probably overkill). It has an MSD 7al 2 ignition box, Moroso oil accumulator, and Supertrapps. I am now in the process of dropping the floor pans before I get the engine back. The transaxle is safety wired, Centerforce clutch and long throw slave. The rear suspension is chromed and stock with the exception of the upper a-arms which are adjustable for the 345 Yokohamas. The front has a camber lock kit. The rear deck opens electrically from my car alarm or from a toggle switch inside the car. (great for car shows!) There is a small camera mounted on the transaxle and a screen on the dash so I can back into my garage a little easier....(after my son guided me in and I took the passenger door mirror off).....or the camera can be moved anywhere on the car and hooked to a 12v vcr and any engine problems recorded so I can see potential problems etc.....I added the flare kit a few years ago as I always wanted a wide body.

Originally posted by george pence:
Doug, are you moving beyond the Pantera hobby? Frowner


It's more a case of too many unfinished projects (427 Cobra kitcar) and not enough space! I'll still be a member of both PI & POCA and follow the internet boards, but for the moment, something has to go. Unfortunately, it's the Pantera. Really loved this car. Hopefully the next owner will appreciate it as much as I have.
Originally posted by dakelm:
...I'll still be a member of both PI & POCA and follow the internet boards, but for the moment, something has to go...

Glad to read you'll still retain your ties with the Pantera hobby. We'd hate to loose you. And of course, you have our support & understanding regardless. Good luck with the Cobra.

I would like nothing more than for you to see my car. You have been there for me for a couple of years with help and info as I switched from my NCRS Sting Rays to the "Cat."

Although, you are a bit off the beaten path for me here in the West San Fernando Valley > SoCal...

Why don't you drive by and have a few beers with me here?

Your Buddy Dave
Thanks Popsrcr!

I purchased it as is back in 2005. I've driven it about 3000 miles since then and done absolutely nothing to it. It was a trade-in at a dealership in KS. I just happened to find it on the web while shopping for a Pantera. The car has always stayed in the Kansas City area and was restored in the late 1980's by a guy named Jeff Yergovich. That's all I know...