Marcel Schaub has been the victim of identity theft. He asked me to post this copy of a letter sent to the Admin. of Autodiva on our forums. I am a few weeks late in keeping my promise to do so.


To: Autodiva

My name is Marcel Schaub from Switzerland, the real Marcel Schaub that discovered the Pantera 8263 / Gr4 2263 in Germany. My attention was called that my identity has been stolen and has been used in spreading false information in the internet community (or online community whatever the tech savvies of this world call it). I belong to the older generation that are quite far from so-called web forums. Incidentally I also don't speak French! I did not post any comments nor participated in any conversation in your forum. I am writing this to put you and those who read the false article running under my fake name under notice that I hereby reserve the right to take legal actions if needed regarding my stolen identity. Attached to this letter (but not for publication purposes) is a copy of my identification papers as well as my contact details for your verification.

In connection to my stolen identity, may I respectfully request your web administrator to do the following:

1. Keep the entry written under my false name locked down and delete the matching fake account (but please make a copy of the false article as I might be needing as evidence in the future).

2. Publish this letter in your forum as I was made to understand that there are other exchange of discussion where my name is being used.

3. To release to me the technical addresses (emails and IP) used by the impostor in contacting your forum, of course within the ambit allowed by law as well as your own internal rules and regulations.

Regarding Pantera 8263 / Gr4 2263, the original manufacturing documents together with the car under discussion clearly identifying 8263 as the former Gr4 2263 are in the possession of PierreArnaud Delacharriere. I defer to the decision of Pierre-Arnaud Delacharriere being the owner to release copies only to those he deems genuinely interested in the history of the car and not for disruptive purposes. I am close to being 72 years old and the fact that for nearly a decade now I am spending significant time in the Philippines sometimes nearly 6 months in a given year, it was not possible for me to restore the car myself. I have seen Pantera 8263 / Gr4 2263 at Le Mans Classic last July and I have to say that the work done to put it back in its original specifications is more than outstanding, it is superb. I believe I could not have restored the car myself any better than it was done. The quality of the restoration surpasses what I wish I could have done myself on the car.

Regarding the allegation in the fake article, while it is true that I have an amenable relationship with Santiago De Tomaso and have met him numerous times for more than twenty years, the discussion attributed to us in the fake article is false. All other allegations such as “that I fear to face the so called experts considered by De Tomaso” are also false. Neither did I offer the car for sale to Philippe Olczyk, this is a blatant lie. Shortly after I discovered that 8263 has been built using 2263 Group 4, I contacted numerous people in the De Tomaso scene, one of them being Philipp Olczyk, to share the news and to gather more information on the car. My relationship with Philipp started when I opened to him my “vast De Tomaso collection” as he himself called it in the opening pages of his book when he acknowledged my contribution to the said book. I have tirelessly and passionately searched and collected De Tomaso materials for several decades and I am still doing so. I am in contact with the De Tomaso community via the old fashion way and meet with some of them personally every now and then. I have not seen or heard from Philipp for several years and it was only lately that he contacted me due to the 8263/Gr4 2263. I have exchanged emails and phone call with him but none of the allegations in the fake Autodiva article reflects such discussion and none of the words attributed to me in the Autodiva forum is true. He asked to meet with me several times but it has not taken place up to now. Further, regarding email messages received by certain forum contributors, apparently coming from a certain Marcel Swaubs regarding the same car, please be informed that I am not in any means involved in such discussion. I have no reason to consider or accuse Eric Broutin as a forger and never called him orally or in writing as such. I did not send any email regarding their so-called intention to change the chassis number. I have never been mandated by anybody to plead the Pantera 8263 / Gr4 2263 case before Santiago. Lastly, I was informed that some allegations are being attributed to my name by using an account This account has nothing to do with me or with my wife who is unfairly being dragged into this confusion. She will deal with this particular email matter directly with the legal people of yahoo.

Considering that, I have no presence in the internet community; I will not be able to monitor any statements that will be attributed to me. With this letter though, I hope that you will not in the future allow any comments supposedly being sent by me.

 16. October 2018

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