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Has any one fitted this or one of the other Lexus V8's into a Pantera
They make ridiculous horsepower by changing the inlet manifold and either turboing it or supercharging it, there are many tuning tools for them
I have seen them make anywhere from 550HP with the stock supercharger to over 1200HP on boost
You can pick a complete one up for around $5K so they are very cheap and apparently bullet proof HP
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It sounds good, but these things are hard to fit up sometimes. You would have a lot of parts to fabricate, including mounts, bellhousing, etc. Then there's the computer and wiring...

A Ford Coyote 5.0 makes 412+ hp naturally aspirated (recent dyno tests show 460 hp at the flywheel), 4 valves/cyl, 4 cams, and is a $6k crate motor. Motor mounts & bellhousing can be purchased, and the computer/wiring is easy with Ford Racing Part's hot rod kit. The engine was designed with turbocharging and supercharging in mind, and you can purchase a crate engine with forged pistons and better rods. This is a stout little motor that has a chance of working better than the Toyota V8 in a Pantera. I have nothing against the Lexus/Toyota engine, but it seems that there are better deals for Ford/Chevy engines. Some have even put a Chevy LS motor in their Panteras with great success, and that one isn't hard as well for similar reasons to the Ford.
Originally posted by Corey Price:
Some have even put a Chevy LS motor in their Panteras with great success, and that one isn't hard as well for similar reasons to the Ford.

Corey is right. The LS3 motor, just like the Coyote motor, is pretty much just a drop in and go replacement. The LS376/480 makes 480HP and 475 ft/lbs of torque for $6800. (Also, Chevrolet Performance just announced a brand new crate motor, the LS376/525 making 525HP with 489 ft/lbs of torque that bests the current Z06. This is priced at around $9000) It's pretty much just getting a bell housing, engine mounts, and all the wiring. The 5.0 Coyote and the LS3 are a pretty comparable engine as the LS3 was also designed with supercharging in mind, as the 638HP LS9 motor in the ZR1 has the same short block as the LS3.

The American muscle definitely seems to have the advantage in the Pantera. Although, the Pantera fitted with the BMW motor is pretty awesome. Cool
I have looked at the LS Chev motors and seen a few installs
Saw a quad cam ford one too
prob is I am aiming for 800plus HP as it will be a club race car as well
I have seen 1000HP from these Lexus motors with just a bigger supercharger and more boost
Wring isn't a issue as you can get the whole harness with the motor and Use the Toyota coil packs to mount on the heads or to the side
From the motors I looked at making a mount won't be a issue and the bell housing didn't look that hard either
For the money is very cheap 800 plus HP and been proven very reliable
And the ZF will not hold up to 800+HP assuming you get tires sticky enough and wide enough to hook up.

And really, what makes you think that a Chevy of Ford motor at a similar boost wouldn't make similar power.

On the 1200HP Lexus motor, has it been dyno'ed. Those are BIG claims. No disrespect intended...
One of the guys here in Australia has a 4.7 lexus V8 with stock internals making 1200HP
It has run the whole season with only oil changes and yes it was dynoed
The Vtec camshaft system enables them with the right tuning to achieve this
As we speak there is a guy in the US fitting the 5.7 litre which has twin turbos and has been modded internally but runs a stock block making in excess of 2000HP and aims to hit 2500Hp

I know you can make 800+hp with the Ford twin cam and LS1 motors but not for anywhere near the same budget or reliability
I had planned to fit the LSX427 in with the Harrop supercharger which would easily make 1000HP on a 9:1 compression ratio but this would cost approx $20-25K

If the stock box is not going to handle it I guess my question is can it be beefed up to handle it?
Or what box can be used in its place
I have seen Audi has a trans box that is rated at 900HP stock and dimension wise looks like it will fit
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